Dems Need Plus-Size Fig Leaf in Ouster of Al Franken

So, Al Franken is a lewd boor, an unfunny buffoon, an intellectual midget, and an adolescent crude serial invader of womens’ space. The latter triggered his blindfolded walk-the-plank exit from the USS Senate. 

How convenient for the Democrats to have a do-over, only a third of the way through Franken’s second underwhelming term. 

But the gaggle of Democrat moral peacocks only purged Franken from their caucus because his political value didn’t extend beyond another replaceable vote, a mere commodity. Franken offered zero policy depth, wholly bereft of legislative scholarship, whose exposure on vital Senate committees, such as the Judiciary Committee, was an embarrassment.

Franken’s sacrifice is sleeves off the Dems’ vests. No political risk, an easy flush of a useless white male, clearing the bowl for another swirl of identity politics, a Democrat staple, enabled by fellow progressive Minnesota governor Mark Dayton appointing his #2-- a woman-- to replace Franken.

Just another brazen calculation by the Democrats hoping nobody will notice their naked cynicism.  How gallant, how courageous, how intrepid to now align themselves with sexual mores of the Shakers.

Of course they have tolerated, indeed venerated, womanizers, harassers, sexual predators, rapists, and all-purpose deviants since the days of JFK and his brother Bobby’s peccadilloes, only to be outsized by younger brother “Lion of the Senate” Ted’s willful negligence in forsaking what might have been his pro tempore mistress/girlfriend in tide-swept waters under the Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick.

Harboring Gerry Studds, and Barney Frank, is a wholly other Democrat party protectorate over sordid abuse, for the sake of celebrating diversity.

This is the legacy of Gerry Studds, the long-serving Massachusetts Democrat who was, for those who followed his lead, every bit the historical figure as the first gay athlete, movie star and politician, but is best known as the congressman censured by his own colleagues in 1983 for a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male congressional page.

“I think that people in politics and especially people like me who are in politics and lived through that will remember him as being a real hero, because he was willing to be first,” said Richard Socarides, a longtime Democratic operative who served as an adviser to President Bill Clinton for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. “Even though he was forced into it a little bit by circumstances, I think that people think of him as a hero and someone we look up to and someone who was a trailblazer.”

Well at least Jimmy Carter can’t be lumped in with the likes of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. The worst of Carter’s sins is that he “… looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times.”, according to the sensational Playboy interview in 1976.

Nonetheless even Tony the tent maker can’t stitch a fig leaf big enough to cover two generations of Democrat sleaze.