Democrats Have a New Party Symbol: The Boomerang

History has a way of coming full circle. When Democrat Andrew Jackson ran for president in 1828, he was called a jackass for his populist views. Today’s populist is a Republican. Yet the jackass, or donkey, has remained associated with the Democrats, and appropriately so. For confirmation, just watch Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff or any of the other braying Democrats.

If Democrats are tired of being associated with a jackass, I have a suggestion as a new party symbol. As an aside, if anyone feels triggered by my use of the word jackass, “The words ‘donkey’ and 'ass' are used interchangeably to speak of the same species of animal.”

My suggestion is a boomerang, a hunting weapon of indigenous Australians. Designed to be thrown and returned to the thrower. Democrats are learning to throw the boomerang as well as any Aboriginal hunter in the Outback.

Democrats have always professed to be the champions of women. In every major election, we hear about the Republican “war on women”. Donald Trump as a misogynist pig. Mitt Romney with his “binders of women”. Exceptions being the women left to drown by Ted Kennedy or those raped or harassed by Bill Clinton. Those women don’t count as they were only following the hundred-dollar bill James Carville dragged through the trailer park.

The last election had a “war on women” October surprise, the Access Hollywood tape. Candidate Trump talking about what famous men can do, hypothetical, not actual. His accusers, perhaps on the payroll of Lisa Bloom, or her mother Gloria Allred, were discredited by eyewitnesses and Candidate Trump became President Trump, despite the protestations of the “I’m With Her” crowd.

The boomerang was thrown. It missed its intended target but returned to the thrower. Spinning wildly, decapitating Democrats left and right. Starting with Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, John Conyers, and Matt Lauer, along with a bunch of other Democrats. Those throwing the boomerang for years found it returning full speed toward their own heads.

They tried again with Roy Moore. Perhaps their accusations, despite the admitted yearbook forgery, may have taken out Moore. But Moore was a mediocre candidate, uninspiring and mounting a lukewarm defense of the accusations. The Democrats got their short-term win but the returning boomerang doesn’t give them the issue they hoped for, that Roy Moore is Donald Trump. And now little chance to salvage Al Franken’s career.

The dam may be breaking, with other members of Congress ready to be outed. I’m sure some will have an R after their name, but I’ll bet most have a D after their name. Boomerang returning to the thrower. Prominent Democrat pundits too, as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews discovered this past weekend.

It won’t stop with the randy men. Boomerangs are gender neutral, a “Ze” if you want to be politically correct in gender pronouns. A Kansas business executive, running for Congress as a Democrat, who happens to be a “She” was alleged to sexual harass and fire a “He” subordinate. I’m waiting for CNN to ask “Champion of Women” Senator Kristen Gillibrand, for comment. Boomerang returning to sender.

Some really horrific stuff is happening too. A state representative in Kentucky committed suicide over sexual misconduct allegations which he adamantly denied. Accusations, while politically expedient, may destroy people, their lives and families. From Salem “witches” to Joe McCarthy’s “communists”, death by accusation. A modern day “j’accuse.” Boomerangs are used to kill animals. They can kill people too.

The other boomerang headed back to the Democrats is the nonsensical “Trump worked with Russia to hack the election” narrative. A scheme that Gregg Jarrett recently outlined quite clearly, “An insidious plot unprecedented in American history was hatched within the FBI and the Obama Justice Department to help elect Hillary Clinton and defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.”

Only it’s not working. Donald Trump is still in the White House. Hillary is still peddling her book and wearing an ankle boot. Which for a broken toe is worn for four to six weeks. She has been wearing hers for two months. Unless the boot is hiding something else.

Instead, as I and others have opined, AG Jeff Sessions may not be asleep and instead is guiding, from a politically safe arm’s length distance, a massive swamp draining operation, cleaning out numerous bad players in the upper echelons of the FBI and DOJ. Deputy Rod Rosenstein may be wearing a white hat rather than a black hat, allowing Robert Mueller to chase Trump yet in actuality catch a bunch of partisans playing the dangerous game of sedition. The round trip boomerang.

Remember also that it was top Democrats that asked the DOJ to investigate FBI leaks surrounding James Comey’s letter to Congress regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. A week before the election, no less. As if a proper investigation could be done before the election.

In response, along with other reasons, the DOJ launched its own investigation via their Office of Inspector General. Beginning before Trump was even inaugurated, “In response to requests from numerous Chairmen and Ranking Members of Congressional oversight committees.” Careful what you wish for.

Investigators investigating the investigators. This may be provide the great reckoning, The Big Ugly, as Sundance calls it. Boomerang thrown and returning.

Last is the media, part and parcel of the Democrat Party. Pushing fake news stories to the point that they have little credibility. Throwing the boomerang repeatedly, from ABC’s Brian Ross and the Flynn plea deal to Deutsche Bank and CNN’s bogus story about Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks. Only to have it return, smacking news organizations hard. And possibly ensnaring the leakers. To the point of big media being a joke and not taken seriously. Serving as a punching and tweeting bag for President Trump. 

The boomerang effect. Some call it blowback, or karma. Or “what goes around comes around”. Democrats, in typical fashion, are over-reaching. Pushing a false narrative not because of their intrinsic goodness, but instead for political advantage. So much so that it comes back to bite them. Hard.

They don’t learn from their mistakes, which reinforces the party symbol of a jackass. But given how Trump always seems to have the last laugh, and Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot, the boomerang may be a more appropriate symbol for the party.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter

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