British Labor Party: We Banned Pamela Geller; Now Let's Ban Trump, Too

The Guardian reported Thursday that "Chris Bryant, a senior Labour backbencher," has written to British prime minister Theresa May, urging her to "issue an official ban on Donald Trump from entering the UK on the grounds he is condoning fascism and his presence is 'not conducive to the public good.'" When Western historians look back at the 21st century, the Geller-Spencer ban in the U.K. will be viewed as one of that once great nation's darkest moments and a low point for freedom.  It was the victory of Islamic law over Western law, sharia over freedom. This because Trump retweeted three videos showing Muslims being violent.  Bryant, a former Foreign Office minister, supported this madness by pointing  He cited the cases of two U.S. far-right bloggers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who were banned by May in 2013 from entering the U.K.  I was going to be among a group of freedom-fighters – a true rainbow...(Read Full Article)