A Christmas Present to Cable TV Viewers โ€“ Sara Carter Joins Fox News

Sara Carter, who in recent months has emerged as one of the country’s finest investigative journalists, is joining Fox News. The official announcement came on Christmas Eve at 9 A.M. E.T. when Carter was introduced as a brand new Fox News Contributor in two live segments on the channel’s signature morning program Fox and Friends Weekend. High profile Fox News contributors are usually paid six figures a year to appear with regularity on the channel to discuss news developments in the context of their areas of expertise. A video of Carter’s appearance on the Dec. 24 Fox News morning program is currently online here at YouTube. Carter has an extensive journalistic background, including covering the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in hot war zones while she was embedded with U.S. troops. She was a Senior Correspondent with Circa News from May 2016 until last November. Previously, she worked for TheBlaze, The Washington Examiner, and The Washington Times. She has had...(Read Full Article)