World War II Islam and Modern Islam: Know Thy Enemy

At the end of his eminently important and succinct book, titled Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, author Dr. Sebastian Gorka includes the original secret telegram written in 1946 at the onset of the Cold War, wherein the American diplomat and Russia expert George Kennan explains "how the behavior of the Soviet Union cannot be understood unless an individual understands the totalitarian ideology that drives it.  This 'fanatical' ideology of communism is absolutist and global and will not countenance peaceful coexistence with America or any democracy."  Keenan describes how "Democratic-progressive" elements abroad are to be utilized to maximum to bring pressure to bear on capitalist governments along lines agreeable to Soviet interests."

In a book purchased in the USSR in the early 1960s, titled Face to Face: The Story of N.S. Khrushchov's Visit to the U.S.A., a young American, who later became my husband, came face to face with the propaganda of communism when he read "that with great patience and persistence, the head of the Soviet Government continued to discharge  the great mission he had undertaken, to remove the ice piled up by the 'cold war,' to open the eyes of people deluded by malicious [American] propaganda, to explain to them the essence of the idea of peaceful coexistence to blaze the trail to peace and friendship among all peoples irrespective of what social system they live under."  Only one problem: the book neglected to mention the 50 million people who would perish under communism or this so-called peaceful coexistence.  Just ask the Victims of Communism.

And almost sixty years later, as American leftists align themselves with communist ideology, we can see that they act, not in the interests of America, but in the interest of an ideology that has always sought to destroy America.

And, horrifyingly, as W. August Mayer has written in Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West, "the morphing of the Democrat party over the last century from the conservative, traditional liberalism of President Grover Cleveland to the statism of Barack Hussein Obama" is a "downward slope to totalitarian rule towards which political gravity irresistibly draws us ever nearer."

Only a few years before the Keenan analysis, a document was carefully hidden and preserved in a kerosene can in the hopes that it would be discovered once World War II concluded.  In his searing diary written under the most excruciatingly difficult times, Chaim A. Kaplan in his Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary wrote an "extraordinary first person record of the Nazi occupation and destruction of Warsaw's Jewish community."  Kaplan is believed to have died in late 1942 or early 1943, but his words reverberate to this day.

These documents stand as testaments to the nature of totalitarianism – whether it be Nazi socialism, Russian communism, or jihadist fascism.  As Kaplan wrote:

If anyone in the democratic lands is attempting to write a book on the nature of Nazism, I know without seeing it that the author will not be able to express the truth of Nazism's cruelty and barbarism. Nazism has two faces. On the one hand, it is full of hypocrisy and submissiveness when it is necessary to obtain some benefit from someone; and on the other hand, it is full of brutal strength, trampling all humanism under foot, hardening its heart against the most elementary human emotions.

Reading the above, it is impossible not to substitute Nazism for Islamic jihadism.  In fact, as has been well documented, the two have been intertwined since the beginning of World War II, when, in November 1941, the grand mufti met with Hitler, who told him the Jews were his foremost enemy.  The mufti offered Hitler his "thanks for the sympathy which he had always shown for the Arab and especially Palestinian cause, and to which he had given clear expression in his public speeches[.] The Arabs were Germany's natural friends because they had the same enemies as had Germany, namely ... the Jews[.]"

As a result of this meeting, "Germany would furnish positive and practical aid to the Arabs involved in the same struggle [since] Germany's objective [was] ... solely the destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere[.]"  In return, the mufti recruited "20,000 Muslim volunteers for the SS, who participated in the killing of Jews in Croatia and Hungary."  In a "letter released by the National Library of Israel Archives in March 2017, SS Chief Heinrich Himmler heaps praise upon Mufti al-Husseini, stating that the Nazi leadership has been closely following the battle of freedom-seeking Arabs – and especially in Palestine – against the Jewish invaders. Himmler ends the letter by bidding the Mufti warm wishes for the continuation of your battle until the big victory.  This letter was delivered in the Fall of 1943, two years after the Mufti's famous meeting with Adolf Hitler."  

Many writers have meticulously examined the close philosophical ties between the jihadists and the Nazis, but "only one who feels the taste of Nazi rule in all his 248 organs and 365 sinews; only one who has bared his back to the lashes of its whips; only one who has examined the various nuances of its administrative and legal tactics in relation to the Jews, unequaled in hard-heartedness, sadistic cruelty, warped sensibility, petrification of human feeling, and stupidity – only such a writer ... might be able to give a true description of this pathological phenomenon called Nazism."

Daily, the West hears of the atrocities committed against young Christian and Yazidi women by ISIS and other jihadist murderers, and little is done for these people.  At the same time, alleged Muslim refugees are allowed into western Europe only to wreak havoc on France, Germany, and Great Britain because the leaders of these countries will not acknowledge "this pathological phenomenon."  These feckless leaders will not state outright that "only those afflicted with a disease of the soul are capable of being joined to a party such as this. Only one who has a defect of the soul and the senses is able to be numbered in its ranks.  It is not impossible for an entire class of human beings to suffer a mental illness, and attempt to put into practice a diseased, unclean ideology by such barbaric means as the human race has never recognized and never known, and which it would have been incapable of inventing even in the remotest Dark Ages."  Will the remnants of these communities write about their own people as did Kaplan?

The gigantic catastrophe which has descended on Polish Jewry has no parallel, even in the darkest periods of Jewish history. First, is in the depth of the hatred. This is not just hatred whose source is in a party platform, and which was invented for political purposes.  It is a hatred of emotion, whose source is some psychopathic malady. 

This is the face of jihadist terror today.  Despite the overwhelming acts of terror around the globe, the world still appears to be in denial.  Thus, Dr. Gorka repeatedly reiterates that unless we perceive the endgame as the jihadists do, we are not mentally, tactically, or physically ready to save ourselves.  Every person who opposes the sickening aspect of jihadist terror must realize that this war they have unleashed "serves only one purpose: the realization of Allah's sovereignty here on earth."  Nothing else will suffice.  The infidel must be overcome or murdered since, in the jihadist mindset, "all war must serve only the objective of re-creating the caliphate, the theocratic empire of Islam, so that Allah's writ may once again reign supreme."  And the most critical target of importance in this war of ideas is the "soul of the enemy. The infidel foe must be converted to Islam or crushed."

So when American schools start by teaching the practice of Islam, which, in essence, is the indoctrination of the religion; when hijab day is celebrated so as to make the head cloth a fashion statement; when legitimate concerns about mass Muslim immigration to the United States are fluffed away as "not being who we are," let that person be reminded of mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who revealed that "al Qaeda's plan to kill the United States was not through military attacks but immigration and 'outbreeding non-Muslims' who would use the legal system to install sharia law," we need to fight tooth and nail to thwart each and every attempt to islamify this country.

The fact that "jihadism" can be substituted for USSR "in a threat analysis from seventy years ago without any loss of accuracy" and that Nazism can also be substituted without any loss of truth exemplifies the unholy alliance among these three hateful ideologies.

Consequently, political correctness and a distorted sense of morality only aids the enemy.  While it is critical not to do a "disservice to those Muslims who are most immanently in danger" by the jihadists, it is equally incumbent upon every congressional leader and the president to rectify the deliberate erasure under Obama of any reference to jihad.  That is, "the politically motivated censorship of government analysis, training, and education must end."  How can our analysts, armed services, and FBI know how to perceive the enemy when all references to their ideology and ultimate goals are deliberately scrubbed?  Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood must be designated as a terrorist organization.

Subversion, infiltration, and intimidation are always the weapons of choice by those who despise Western values.  If we don't lose our souls, we can and will win this war that threatens us – but only if we stay strong and understand that this totalitarian, religiously motivated cancer must be completely eradicated will we be victorious.

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