Who Are the Real Fascists in American Politics?

President Donald J. Trump is routinely referred to as a fascist by the left. Much of that rhetoric originates from within the Democrat Party. We hear little to no outrage by either Democrats or Republicans at the use of this inflammatory language. In fact, the cliched phrase “the silence is deafening” finds a real application in this climate of extreme disparagement. Think of it: Trump’s desire to have extreme vetting of immigrants from certain war-torn Islamic countries is portrayed repeatedly as racist, Islamaphobic, and fascist. These countries are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism. They are countries where members of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, El Shabab, the Houthis, Hamas, Fatah, Hizb'allah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other maniacal Allah-centered groups are now considered moderates simply because they are not-ISIS. Extreme vetting to protect the citizens of the USA is met with extreme disparagement. The disparagers want to defame the very individual who wants to do the job he was elected to do, namely, protect the citizenry from enemies foreign and domestic.

The term fascism is defined by one source as coming from the Latin fascio, meaning bundle. The people are bundled into “one body that must be controlled by the government with absolute force. There’s no option to vote, no chance to impeach a leader, and no freedom to stand up against the governing body.” The prototype of fascism can be found in the program of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party, called "Nazi" for short. The very name of the Nazi party reveals that it was a party of the left, as it has the word “socialist” in it. The street battles between the Nazis and the communists were battles between two factions of the left.

Among communists there is a stronger strain of internationalism or globalism than among socialists because the idea of a class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie extends beyond national boundaries. However, both socialists and communists either reject or radically modify the liberal democratic ideals of personal autonomy, free (capitalistic) markets, elective government where laws, not person or class, are determinative of conduct, and natural rights are enshrined as crucial concepts for social order and productivity. For the left, equality based on an omniscient government is the highest value.

The German National Socialist program was a twenty-five-point written program that remained essentially the same from 1920 until the surrender of Germany to the Allies in 1945. If we look at a few of the points from that program, we will see that calling Trump’s populism and America-first philosophy “Hitlerian” is a vicious mischaracterization. The first item on Hitler’s program was that all Germanic people should be governed by Germany. This was part of the people's community (Volksgemeinschaft) whereby Germany would be racially homogeneous.

There is nothing in Trump’s immigration policies that project race as a basis for entrance to the USA, nor attacking the pluralism of communities in the USA. His emphasis has been in increasing protection for U.S. citizens from Islamic enemies that see non-Sharia societies as communities to be dominated. Also, he wants to attract people with more skills, including English skills, who will not be draining the budgets of all levels of government with welfare costs. The surge in immigration of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was not supported with vast welfare programs that came out of the pockets of citizens already enjoying the economic blessings of living in the USA. It is obvious that if immigrants can dwell in their enclaves and collect various benefits, there is less incentive to engage with the indigenous culture and integrate with existing mores of the workplace and neighborhood.

Point Number 13 of the Nazi Program states the following: “We demand the nationalization of all (previous) associated industries.” I am including reference to this point lest any reader think that I am merely playing with words or exaggerating the left-wing, totalitarian thrust of National Socialism. Thus, the Nazis wanted government ownership of all industry. Is there anyone on the face of the earth who thinks that Trump wants that? Rather, if anyone would opt for nationalization, it would be Democrats who insist on more and more regulations of industry, and more and more forms and accountability to government by individual citizens. As regulation keeps growing and becomes excessive, it morphs into control. Even if there is, technically-speaking, private ownership, the freedom that ownership normally implies is negated by the tight controls imposed and the accountability to governmental offices. For example, technology now exists which would enable the regulation in private homes and businesses of heat and air-conditioning from a remote location.

The anti-Trump screamers and professional disparagers at MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are the ones most closely aligned with the socialist/communist ideal of public ownership and control. Under the guise of environmental concerns, stopping discrimination against “protected classes,” paying a fair share, getting funds for dubious public programs, buying peace by attempting to bribe barbarous enemies like Iran and North Korea through various “deals,” and enlarging public support of the supposed indigent to the point where 48% of Americans do not pay any tax at all, the tentacles of government growth keep expanding. The true National Socialists in our midst based solely on Point No. 13 of the National Socialist Program are the left wing of the American political class and their apparatchiks in the media.    

Then, looking at Point No. 24 in Hitler’s Program, we see the same point that is being made by the drum beating Trump haters. That point states, “We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race… the good of the state before the good of the individual.” For the National Socialists, the good of the state is supreme and all Christian creeds are subordinate to the highest values which Hitler’s party claimed to uphold as being the values of the entire community of blood Germans.

Thus, the Democrats have no problem booing even the word “God” at their convention. Christian beliefs in a God-given and God-driven morality is demoted to being a mere creed and thus subordinate to the all-knowing “moral sense” of the state. The creed-bearers must be suppressed and/or silenced. Prayer is to be abolished from the public square because it is a mere creed. In the schools, it is thus okay. for a teacher to tell Johnny not to hit Jack, but it is mere creedalism to say that Jesus Christ said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The taking of a life through abortion is deemed to be a mere creed unable to see the good of all which requires millions of infant bodies to feed the insatiable Moloch. The love and beauty of homosexual marriage is unappreciated and depreciated by the contemptuous creed-bearers; and confiscatory taxation is justified even though we fought our War for Independence to stop it, remembering that insignificant creedal command, “You shall not steal.” Yes, the Hitlerites are throwing stones at President Trump, but in doing so, they call our attention to their own adherence to the National Socialist Program which millions died to defeat.

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