Two kinds of truth: actual and political

"...there are two kinds of truth in this world.  The truth that is the unalterable bedrock of one's life and mission.  And the other, malleable truth of politicians, charlatans, corrupt lawyers, and their clients, bent and molded to serve whatever purpose was at hand."  Michael Connelly, Two Kinds of Truth 

There is a mass hysteria gripping the country at the moment. Some of it is probably part of a misguided plan to unseat Trump. The truly evil deeds of some are being conflated with far lesser crimes; but all forms of sexual predation are illicit and destructive. It was the New York Times's journalistic equivalent of a nuclear bomb that revealed what thousands of people had known for three decades: that Harvey Weinstein has been a sexually abusive monster.  Everyone in the "business" knew it but kept quiet.  His politics were "correct," so no one reported his many crimes against women.  He was a huge donor to Democrats, especially to the Clintons. To be in bed with the Clintons is to be above the law and corrupt to the core.  All of which means that, as night follows day, the Hollywood/Weinstein level of predation is probably rampant in Congress as well.  

Some of the journalists who viciously demeaned Bill Clinton's victims in the 1990s are crawling all over themselves now, to say that they were wrong to defend him.  They were young! They did not know any better."  Or, as Kirsten Gillibrand commented, "Times have changed."  

No, Senator, rape and any kind of sexual abuse was very wrong then and is still very wrong today.  But those Clinton defenders never gave a thought to right and wrong.  Just as university students today are taught that one must be a leftist or suffer well-deserved consequences, those "young" journalists never gave a thought to Bill Clinton's victims or what they may have suffered.  Oh, no! They had to be destroyed.  

Just as the leftists of Congress and the media who protected and continued to revere Ted Kennedy after he was wholly responsible for the death of a young woman in 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne, the left of the Clinton era never thought twice about maligning Bill's victims to protect him.  It had to be done.  Ted Kennedy should have gone to prison, but he remained in the Senate despite his reputation as the Harvey Weinstein of Congress. Bill Clinton remained in the Oval Office despite his having defiled it.   The effusive glory that poured out of the mouths of every person who spoke at Ted's funeral, including the now traitorous Mitch McConnell, was enough to make one gag. The "lion of the Senate" was the scourge of the Senate.

Just as everyone in Hollywood knew Weinstein was a barbarous abuser of women, every member of Congress knew the same about Ted Kennedy.  Bottom line?  The denizens of DC are as morally bankrupt as the swamp dwellers of the film and television industry.  Too many of them, not all of them of course, have lost all sense of right and wrong.  They defend creeps like Al Franken for the same reason Nina Burleigh offered her special services to Bill Clinton; their politics are "correct." They leap at the chance to destroy a man like Roy Moore because his politics are wrong.  Right and wrong? Good vs. evil? Morality vs. immorality?  Not relevant.  They have sold their souls for power.  

Alexander Hamilton wrote that "Ambition without principle never was long under the guidance of good sense." IndeedThe Kennedys, the Clintons and their defenders in the government and media are the personification of ambition without principle. They have done the nation great and lasting harm.  They see, they know, they defend, and keep silent about criminal scoundrels in their midst, victims be damned.  Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are as guilty as Kennedy and the Clintons.  They are harboring nameless sex offenders as we speak.  Their greater good is themselves, not the country.

The Clinton administration was corrupt, but the Obama administration took its cue from them and built upon it to become the most corrupt administration in modern history.  The combined list of crimes committed by the two presidencies of Clinton and Obama is too long to list here. Both administrations were chock full of criminals and we are living with the consequences of their misdeeds today.  The Clintons learned their tricks of the trade from the Kennedys.  Obama learned his from the Clintons.  Hillary got fabulously rich while Obama looked the other way, national security be damned.   By now, all Americans should know that there are two kinds of truth.  The actual truth and the always malleable truth fed to us by our media, our politicians and our celebrities who fancy themselves as arbiters of our culture. They lie for their living and deny the truth of the depravities that thrive in their midst.

The Clintons and the Obama administration did terrible and increasingly dangerous damage to America.  Trump was elected to reverse course but the forces of the left and the entrenched Republicans are all aligned to sabotage him and the agenda he was elected to implement.  They cannot abide an outsider in their club.  He does not operate like them, speak like them or think like them;  all to the good for his supporters.  These people, the DC establishment,  have no reverence for actual truth. They believe in their divine right to dictate their "truth" to the rest of us. The Democrats and establishment Republicans mean to submarine tax reform and likely will, just as they did with Obamacare repeal.  Is there anything more disingenuous than campaigning on repeal for seven years and then not doing it?  It is a conspiracy of the establishment to subvert Trump and thumb their noses to those who voted for him.  

The sexual and/or power predators of the Hollywood left and in Congress are all of a piece, a nasty piece of collective work.  The good guys among them are too few to bring about a change in how the country is governed.  We are at the mercy of a corrupt ruling class unless we fight back very hard.  The old guard needs to be gone; Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Durbin, McCain, Corker, Leahy, etc.  They are a scourge upon us.  They adhere to the morality-free fake truth of politicians.  They eschew the real truth.  It doesn't matter to them.   They bend and mold their malleable truth, the truth of politicians, charlatans, corrupt lawyers [think Mueller] and their clients to serve whatever purpose is at hand.

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