Trump Shines in Foreign Policy

Remember ISIS? When Obama left office, it was still a growing network of eager sadistic killers, with secret sponsorship by Turkey, by some Gulf Arab regimes, the Wahhabi radicals, and by the Iranians. Today a lot of those boastful YouTube killers are just smoking splotches in the sand.

A single MOAB bomb was dropped on a mountain tunnel complex in Afghanistan, apparently a clean target with no "weddings" going on. The day afterwards the media said that 94 ISIS killers died, but that assumes that somebody had already cleaned up that collapsed tunnel structure; not a chance. So a hundred or more of the worst human beings since Hitler died in one big explosion. 

Most important, the United States sent a strong signal of determination. Trump-Mattis announced a strategy of "surround and kill the enemy in place." For mass-murdering criminals there will be no mercy.

The U.S. media just rolled its eyes and yawned, but the Muslim world got the message loud and clear. They’ve been wondering how long the United States, which was the winning power in the Cold War and the two world wars was going to come back to its senses. Well, the MOAB bombing wasn't wish-washy, it wasn’t half-hearted and it didn't signal cowardice and weakness. The United States was finally getting serious.

Obama would never even name the enemy, and most importantly, under Obama the United States lost the moral high ground against child-murdering sadists; we started to support Sunni killer cults in Syria.

If ISIS is just a minor nuisance, as Obama tried to tell us, that would make the genocides of history meaningless. But genocide is first-degree murder on an enormous scale. Murder with malice aforethought is punished for a good reason. The church killer in Tennessee the other day had a previous conviction for attacking a two-year-old baby, and he should have been put away for good. It would have saved many good and decent lives in Tennessee.

ISIS is just like that guy, except they think God wants them to kill babies.

Obama never, ever seemed to get that basic point of morality, nor did Hillary, nor did any other Democrat. Trump and Mattis obviously understand it, and Mattis has been subtly reminding Muslims that yes, they also have a moral code that prohibits baby killing (it depends on the religion of the baby). Since Mattis took over, DOD press releases constantly remind Muslims that baby-killing is the worst evil.

Obama seemed to take the side of the enemy, and Bush just called the whole thing “the War on Terror," totally ignoring the monstrous doctrine that runs Al Qaida and ISIS and other jihad killer cults. American military who were on the ground in Syria and Afghanistan were tremendously demoralized by U.S. failure to cast this war in the proper moral terms. Mattis in particular emphasizes morality in war, a concept liberals can’t even imagine. You kill people because they are beyond evil. You don’t kill innocents. Somehow the Democrats can’t seem to remember that.

So Trump and Mattis have been effective against ISIS because they know they are doing the right thing. So do the rest of us. (But Hillary never seemed to get the point, either.)

ISIS war theology is still peddled by the Wahhabi priesthood in the Sunni states and by Saudi-funded mosques around the world. The Iranians have their own version of primitive desert morality, and they are still encircling the Sunni states and Israel.

So Trump opened up our domestic oil and gas. In one year we have become the biggest supplier in the world. OPEC doesn’t control the price anymore, and we are now the strong horse.

The new heir to the Saudi throne (known as MBS for Mohammed bin Salman) and the aging king needed our help against Iran. They know Trump won't help Saudi Arabia if they don't purge their own jihad sponsors. That is one big reason for the purge over there, and we will have to see how it comes out.

Now why do you suppose the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and such didn't think of cranking up U.S. oil and gas? They could have done it by executive order at any time since the first truck bomb attack on the Twin Towers in 1993. Just think of that.

Would Bush have opened the American oil spigot? Or Obama? Hillary?

Fat chance.

But Trump did it, and patriots should be cheering.

The Saudis could see their doom coming up fast, and they have been sending surrender signals. So their fabulous century of oil dominance is fading, and it was change or die. That is why the current purge had to come.

Trump is supposed to be an idiot, but this idiot has been a success in the international hotel business for years, and people like that have to know about currencies and commodities. They have to have credible information sources or they'll make the wrong moves. They have to read price signals. Rex Tillerson is one likely source for Trump, and so is Mattis.

(Meanwhile the idiot media are spotting a Trump-Tillerson split. They have no idea how serious these people are, and it’s better to keep them in their hate-hate-hate narrative. They can’t make real trouble that way.)

Pessimists still say you can't defeat the Muslim terror campaign. In jihad you have to kill the diehards on the battlefield, but then you also have to change them ideologically. We did it with Japan in World War II, another war theology with a knack for martyrdom. In Germany, the Nazis were destroyed and the culture changed. In the former Soviet Union, the culture has changed dramatically. So yes, the U.S. does have a track record of beating fanatics and ultimately changing war ideologies.

After the Ottoman Empire went down after World War I, Kemal Ataturk was able to secularize Turkey, and that lasted until the present jihadist dictator Recip Erdogan. Turkey became modern, women were educated, and then the reactionary throwbacks took over again. Erdogan put a stop to modernization, but maybe it’s time for America to take the moral side in Turkey, too.

Let's remember that one year ago, when Obama left office. Obama didn't just leave the United States idling in neutral, foreign-policy-wise, but rather in the worst shape we've ever been in. He made clear his lifelong hatred and contempt for the United States --- that's what the Obama Apology Tour was about -- and our worst enemies were celebrating.

So, post-Obama, the United States wasn't just on level zero. We were below zero.

Today the NYT-WaPo Axis of Sabotage is complaining that Trump is scaring Kim III of North Korea too much. OMG, he's gonna get us into a nuke war!!!

The Wap-NYTs have always whipped up fear about strong U.S. presidents, never about foreign throwbacks like Kim III threatening us with nuclear weapons. They don't care if it's the Soviet Union, or the Nazis way back then, or Stalin, or the 9/11/01 Wahhabi killers. Our enemies are all victims of U.S. Imperialism, and if they're mad at us we gotta just take the punishment we deserve.

This is a form of liberal insanity, of course, but the one positive is that the voters understand it all. The Trump voters include tens of millions of Americans who love their country, and wanted Obama and Hillary out of their lives.

The Democrats still can't believe it, because somewhere in their infantile minds they just can't grasp that normal people do not love them. Just like Harvey the perp, anytime he shook his personal business at a young actress, he just couldn't take No for an answer.

Well, the American voter said No! loud and clear, and the left is still screaming at the heavens in protest. (Though not at God).

The Democrats will lose as long as the current inner cult stays in charge. All we can do is encourage them to get as infantile as possible, and hope they'll never bring in any adults.

Trump might just achieve that all on his own. 

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