The National Boycott of the NFL Did Not Matter

Sunday, November 12th, I joined fellow veterans in their national boycott of the NFL. However, I do not sense that thousands tuning out the games made much of a difference. NFL players and management still display a screw-you-America attitude. America hating Leftists never back off or surrender ground.

As a matter of fact, to continue poking a finger in the eye of normal Americans, Leftist rag GQ magazine outrageously named Colin Kaepernick its Citizen of the Year. Kaepernick is the player who started NFL players shamefully kneeling during our national anthem. Sports media instantly declared Kaepernick, a mediocre quarterback, a hero. And yet, sports media is obsessed with pressuring an NFL team to hire Kaepernick.

NFL players have been fooled into believing their protest is about fairness and justice. These young men are clueless that Leftists view them as useful idiots in their long-term plan to bring down America economically, culturally, and globally.

Leftists say, "We hate this country because America is unjust; founded on racism and bigotry. America is the greatest source of evil on the planet. So screw your traditional family values. Screw traditional marriage. Screw capitalism. Screw your sacred institutions of Christian faith. Screw free speech. Screw your constitutional right to protect yourself. Screw your philosophy of education, hard work and making right choices to achieve success." We've allowed Leftists to fill our kids' heads with this negative view of their homeland for decades.

Leftists have taught our kids that because we have stolen so much of the world's resources, it is only fair that we erase our borders to allow the world to feed on the breast of America; non-Americans coming and going as they please. Screw immigration laws. Screw vetting for diseases and criminal intentions.

Leftists believe expecting immigrants to assimilate (embrace our American culture) is racist and mean.

When I was a kid 50 years ago, immigrants were excited about their kids becoming Americans. Immigrants demanded that their kids learn and speak English. Today, Leftists call me a racist hater for feeling annoyed in a big box store when I have to turn merchandise several times to find English on the packaging.

According to a recent poll, a majority of young Americans favor living under socialism/communism; government controlling everything, confiscating and redistributing wealth; giving everyone only what they need. Folks, this Leftist mindset dramatically undermines individual liberty, freedom and every American becoming all they can be.

The widespread hatred for America we are experiencing from people who live here is the consequence of allowing baby-boomer hippies to infiltrate public education decades ago. Leftist (Socialist, Communist and progressive) teachers have incrementally infected our kids, filling them with distortions and lies. Consequently, many of our youth hate all things American.

Leftists dominating public education and the media has birthed Black Lives Matter, Antifa, radical feminism, the social justice movement and the anti-white privilege movement. While claiming to be about fairness and justice, these Leftist hate groups are really about payback; punishing whitey, especially white straight males.

Tragically, Kaepernick and his NFL disciples are the products of Leftists' brainwashing. These young men believe the Leftists' lie that cops routinely murder blacks.

Our brainwashed youths are behaving like Leftists' anti-America sleeper cells. They are wreaking havoc in our streets, destroying property and violently attacking people in a coordinated effort to block Trump from making America great again.

It is amazing that despite Leftists dominating public education, Hollywood, TV, social media and fake news media for decades, Trump defeated Hillary in an electoral landslide. Praise God!

Without divine intervention, it is too late for Kaepernick. Like in those Resident Evil movies, Kaepernick's brain is infected with Leftists' anti-America zombie virus.

No matter how many fans tune out pro-football or sponsors pull away from the NFL, duped Kaepernick, players, management, and Leftist sports media will continue giving fans and their homeland their middle fingers. Leftists do not give a rat's derriere about how we feel or what we think. All that matters is destroying everything Americans hold dear.

Teaching millions of American youths to hate their homeland is a pretty evil thing to do. And yet, this is exactly what we have allowed Leftists to get away with for decades. Kaepernick and his followers are lost causes, sad casualties of Leftists' war on America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.

Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist