The Left's Long Goodbye

The left has endured two further body blows in recent weeks. The first, of course, is the revelation that the infamous” Russian “dossier” was ordered and paid for by Hillary and the DNC. The second is the fact that Tony Podesta was forced to stand down from his own lobbying firm.

These come on top of an entire year of disaster piled on disaster for the U.S. left – the 2016 election, the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and numerous other leftist Hollywood grandees as sexual criminals, the collapse of the effort to mainstream antiwhite sentiments through the NFL.

The American left is beginning to look like nothing other than a defeated army in its last weeks in the field – the Army of Northern Virginia in 1865, the German Imperial Army in 1918, or Hitler’s Wehrmacht in 1945. These armies, once considered invincible, were in the end frozen in posture of total defeat. They could scarcely make a single move. Everything they did led to another defeat. They were doomed, they knew it, and they had no way out.

The Steele dossier revelation puts Hillary and her staff in the sights of any capable lawyer, and also washes over Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey, in the process rendering any effort at implicating the Trump administration nugatory. At this point, Robert Mueller is now more deeply implicated in collusion with Russia than the President, or, for that matter, any other Republican. Let me repeat that: the investigator in this case is more criminal than the suspects he is investigating. This is a situation that may well be unmatched in the at times bizarre history of this, the world’s oldest democracy. Nice going, Hillary.

The Tony Podesta resignation is more subtle but may be just as far-reaching in its effects. Most of the media has ignored it, but it may yet pay out the same level of dividends as the dossier revelation. In as clear a case of friendly fire as you will find, Podesta was caught as a direct result of the Democrat-created collusion investigation. He is even now awaiting indictment, and his resignation represents a clearing of the decks to face that eventuality. He may cut a deal, he may do time. Whatever the case, we can be sure of one thing: Tony is not going down alone. He is going to take some people with him.This also brings the spotlight awfully close to his brother John, an intimate associate of Mrs. Hillary. Neither of these clowns will be ordering pizza anytime soon.

All these developments have caused critical damage to the left. With Weinstein’s fall, a massive source of funding is gone. The NFL debacle has seriously embarrassed the left in the eyes of the working and middle class. The decree revelation is forcing Hillary, the DNC, and everyone associated with them – a number that amounts to hundreds if not thousands of people, all of them key active leftists – to expend time, effort, and money on lawyering up and preparing for the legal ordeals to come, at the expense of their campaigns to overthrow the Demon-lord Trump. Tony Podesta’s downfall has paralyzed another liberal dirty-trick shop, while his brother and alter-ego to Hillary stands frozen in place, waiting for the hammer to fall.

The interesting thing about this magnificent and promising state of affairs is that it owes little to the activities of the conservative opposition. In most of these cases, conservatives, whether the Northeast Corridor traditionals or the new heartland breed, have played little or no part. The Weinstein affair is an example of left-wing cannibalism, the tribesmen (or women, in this case) finally falling upon a weakened chief. The NFL disaster is a piece of idiocy in which half-bright athletes came out in “support” of an incompetent and royally stupid benchmate. The decree and the Podesta downfall are the result of the mills of Justice grinding slow but fine.

With few exceptions, most conservatives are occupying themselves with things like hatred of their fellow white Americans, insulting Donald Trump, or hallucinating left-wing Terminators lurking in the basement.

This leads us to ask – as we have asked a thousand times before – why is it so hard for conservatives to accept victory?

The internet/Tea Party cons are clutching at your pants leg, sobbing hysterically and shouting, “Don’t pay any attention… Weinstein… Hillary… it’s a ruse, a distraction… Antifa is coming… It’s too late! Can’t you see? Don’t you understand?”

The old guard, the Northeast Corridor crew, are sticking their thumbs into their waistcoats and saying, “My good fellow, a gentleman does not take advantage of the contretemps with which Mr. Weinstein and Mrs, Clinton find themselves afflicted… I believe you can find your own way out.”

It’s as if Grant decided not to take Richmond out of politeness, or the Allies called off the Amiens offensive to allow the Germans to pull back in good order, or if Ike decided to halt his forces at the Elbe. (Wait… let me think that one over…)

Conservatism has always had a problem with striking the killing blow. We’re told that our system requires political balance, that we need a loyal opposition to make our representative democracy work. We hear that it is neither Christian nor American to be vindictive. That it’s only politics, after all.

Many conservatives are already aiding the left in their bitter eagerness to bring down Donald Trump. How long before they start rescuing the left from the quicksand of its own making?

This is scarcely acceptable. One thing overlooked in the histories of the 20th century is how the “capitalist” West (to use their term) consistently rescued the Soviets from collapse. The Hoover mission of the early 20s to feed millions of starving Russians is understandable. Much less so is the fact that Soviet Russia was reindustrialized in the 20s and 30s by British and U.S. companies (the great “people’s” auto plant at Magnitogorsk was in fact built by Ford). Or unlimited Lend-Lease in WW II, in which hundreds of thousands of vehicles, millions of strategic items, and entire production runs of aircraft were handed over to Stalin. Or the “encouragement” of Western companies to sign deals during the Khrushchev thaw, or the endless subsidized grain sales to the USSR. All this largesse, much of it cost-free, was handed over to the Soviets while they preached revolution, funded revolutionary uprisings across the world, and ran espionage networks throughout the West. It continued until Ronald Reagan at long last said, “No more.” We know what happened after that. The impossible, simply put – the entire façade of Soviet tyranny disappearing within a matter of months, like frost beneath the sunrise.

Are we seeing the same thing recur with the American left? The record suggests as much. We have a golden opportunity to at least cripple this trash ideology. But little or nothing is being done to accomplish this.

What, exactly, is “loyal” about an opposition that has worked hand in glove with every enemy of the United States since the 1950s – the Soviets, the Viet Cong, Castro, the Sandinistas, the Jihadis? The actions of the American left led directly to the deaths of millions in the wake of the Vietnam War in the 1970s, to hundreds of thousands today in the Mideast following the kindergarten machinations of the Clinton-Power-Rice-Obama cabal. At the other end of the spectrum we have the hundreds dead along our own border thanks to the demented Fast and Furious operation.

Where does it end? What, exactly, is worth salvaging here? If the left does survive in this country with the aid of American conservatives, how will it be justified, as the number of deaths inevitably increases with the new technologies and methods of the coming millennium?

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