Pippa Biddle, America's Whitest Reporter, Takes Up the Black Cause

If white people had their own publication, it would be Wired magazine. From top to bottom, this is a uniquely Caucasian experience:  from the white readers, to the white advertisers, to the white employees, to the white town where it is headquartered, to the white subject matter of high tech, to the white owners at Conde Nast, which also owns just about every other magazine on the planet not named Jet or Ebony or Black anything. Of the 80 people pictured on the masthead of Wired, only two are black. That is why I was a bit surprised to see Wired magazine recently appoint itself as the arbiter of all things black. Even more surprised at the white writer taking the point position in this crusade on behalf of her absent black brothas and sistahs.  And finally even more surprised at the target of all this elevated racial consciousness: Me. The occasion was earlier this month, when Ms. Pippa Biddle of Wired got a burr under her Connecticut estate saddle about...(Read Full Article)