Pamela Geller, Heroine

The horrible act in New York on Tuesday reminds us once again we are in a war.   A war with radical Islam.  A war that our prior President and most of his party has tried to lose through their juvenile, silly version of Neville Chamberlain politics. 

They prevented anyone in their administration from using the term “radical Islam,” hoping that would make radical Muslims less angry.  Sure, that’ll work.  They asked our media to follow.  And for the most part, they did.  Bleating all the way.

They dismantled surveillance on the centers of Jihadism.  They gutted many of the concrete methods we had to deal with this threat.

They chided those who wanted to fight this ideology as Islamophobes, and racists.

I hope everyone remembers where they were on 9/11.  I sure do.  I remember the Towers coming down, I remember being shocked at the lack of air traffic for a week, the stalling of business, the fear of the country as we regrouped, the rallying around the president as we responded.  

I went on with my life vowing to be unafraid as a gesture in the face of these terror merchants.  And I did.  It was a conscious decision most Americans took.

Pamela Geller did that as well.  I gather she did a lot more than that.  While we were going on with our lives, she found a mission for hers.   9/11 wasn’t just an event for her to pick herself up from.  It was a seminal call for her to address a dark time and an evil in the world.

She saw this ideology wasn’t going away.   She saw the hate that filled this ideology and pointed it out.  She saw its narrow-minded side and spoke about it.  She saw its destructiveness and warned us all.  She began a blog[i] and publicized these things.  She worked with Robert Spencer in trying to wake America and the world up.  She works at it daily.

And she did all this under the threat of death.  She has been under a sentence of death since early in her days of working against radical Islam.   Multiple times by multiple people who supposedly have the authority to do so.

That’s called a Fatwa.  Webster defines it thusly: “a legal opinion or decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader.”

Sounds innocuous enough; after all, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus all have decrees and authorities as well.

But this is unique.  The decrees about her were that she deserved death, and that anyone who would be an instrument in that death would be given immediate paradise for eternity.

Big deal, words shouldn’t hurt her, right?

Well, tell that to Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch artist slain in broad daylight in the Netherlands in 2004.   And to the many others who have been killed for simply opposing this monstrous ideology. And there have been many.  One of those who attempted to kill her in Texas was just sentenced for his bid to kill her.

Pamela Geller has lived knowing there are people that want to kill her as an example, live in front of the world, for well over a decade.

Yet she soldiers on.

Every day she reports on the stories our cowardly media won’t touch.  They’ll squeal about Christians and Jews for any little thing, but allow the horrors of radical Islam to be just another thing on another day, ho hum.  On her blog, and on her Facebook page, she bravely reports most every outrage, every killing, every slaughter, every maiming and injustice by this ugly ideology.  And most days she reports multiple events that have happened worldwide.

Because multiple events happen worldwide almost every day. And they are horrifying. What is happening in Europe is horrifying.  She is trying to get us in America to come face to face with the truth.  Barack Obama, and the Neville Chamberlains of the Democratic Party had eight years of failure, with not many to oppose them.  They let things fester while she tried to warn us all. 

She did this under multiple sentences of death for well over a decade.

She goes on shows to talk about these things, often having to debate the most obsequious and ill-informed people, the Chamberlains of our time, the race baiters, and those who simply don’t have her courage.  The courage to call a spade a spade.  To call out what happened in New York.

And she does so in spades.  And has been doing so since 9/11 in an attempt to make us understand the war of civilizations that is underway.  Thank God, Donald Trump is listening.  He is close to destroying ISIS, is routing them worldwide that the previous administration wouldn’t do and said couldn’t be done.  With help from the corrupt politicians in his own country, we might even find a way to stop things like the latest New York massacre from happening.

I have read her sites for over a year now, having heard of her several years ago.  I have not read her new book Fatwa.  I intend to.

I would encourage everyone to go to her site, and look at her Facebook Page.   And read her new book.   It’s the cutting edge of a real war. She has real information that is vital for us to win it.  We can’t let random people gun down gays in a night club, and we can’t allow them to slaughter us with trucks.  As she said tonight on Hannity, we have to defeat the ideology in order to win.

And she is a genuine heroine in our day.  A Joan of Arc, a combination of Esther and Deborah, and we need more like her.  And we need to join her in order to win.


[i] Originally titled Atlas Shrugs, not called The Geller Report