New York to ISIS: Keep Killing Us! We're Resilient!

The press conference that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo held after the ISIS-directed mass murder by "Diversity Scratch-Off" winner Sayfullo Saipov was a master class in inculcating a gullible urban herd to helplessness, passivity, insane misattribution of danger, and un-American government dependence in response to murderous jihad.

De Blasio and Cuomo essentially said to ISIS: We request the honor of your presence in our state.  To prove the sincerity of our invitation, we promise to conceal your identity and lie for you within minutes of your slaughtering us in the street.

There's a Southern saying for hypocrites like Bill de Blasio: he's slimier than a bowl of boiled okra.  The mayor began with a phony request to be allowed "to be frank" and, with a mask-like expression, stated the obvious: "It was an act of terror."  He used the word "terror" once, and never said "Islamic," "ISIS," "terrorist," "terrorism," or "war," but he employed the vague, minimizing terms "tragedy" and "loss" for the rest of his remarks.  Cue the firm resolve face: "We know that this action was intended to break our spirit."  No, Billy, your words are intended to break our spirit; Saipov intended the glory of killing as many infidels as possible.

De Blasio continued, "But we also know New Yorkers are strong.  New Yorkers are resilient.  Our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to intimidate us."  Remaining unmoved when religious fanatics are slaughtering you is not resilience; it is mental illness.  His face reset again as he regurgitated the cynical cliché about worthless watchfulness, termed vigilance.  "Be vigilant,  Live by 'If you see something, say something.'" This is the snake oil of security measures, because vigilance without profiling equals conditioned helplessness.

Under de Blasio's direction, and the demands of the vile Linda Sarsour, the informed, skilled vigilance of the NYPD was stopped, and the responsibility to say something was diffused among diversity-addled shleppers terrified of being labeled Islamophobic.  In 2014, de Blasio shut down the Demographics Unit, which secretly surveilled places suspected of fostering weaponized Islamism.  By "be vigilant," de Blasio means that New Yorkers should live in helpless trepidation everywhere, all the time.  And if they focus attention on the relevant demographic, young Islamic males, then they are bigots.

When historians label the Obama administration, they should call it the Great Treason.  The Great Treason has been a comprehensive assault on the sovereignty and safety of the United States.  As the years pass, the doctrines of this era of anti-Americanism become more insupportable, evil, and blatantly insane.  A central tenet of the Great Treason de Blasio and Cuomo artfully promote is that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.  ISIS, no – ISIL, maybe, because ISIL is the justified retaking of the Levant from the interloper Jews.

A subtext in the denial of Islamic terrorism is that fiends like Saipov are "home-grown" or "lone wolves."  There is no such thing as American homegrown Islamic terrorism.  Homegrown ISIS is like American homegrown kangaroos.  Islamic terrorism and kangaroos always come from overseas, which is why merit-based immigration is essential to our national defense – and not to keep the kangaroos out.

Cuomo also never uses the word "Islamic."  He said, "The new terrorist tactic which they've called for publicly are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror."  Who are they?  The lone wolf meme of the Great Treason serves two purposes.  It gratifies "blame America first" because all evil starts here.  It also serves border elimination, because if terrorism is homegrown, it doesn't matter who comes in or from where.

In his haste to minimize Saipov's evil, Cuomo said, "This is all very preliminary.  It's only been a couple of hours, but at this point, there's no evidence to suggest a wider plot or a wider scheme, but the actions of one individual who meant to cause pain, and harm and probably death[.]"  Probably death?  This is not a sane description of the incident.  Furthermore, aren't the facts that Saipov wrote a statement of allegiance to ISIS and wanted an ISIS flag in his cell even subtle hints of a wider scheme?

Cuomo seized on one of the benefits of terrorism: a reason to strengthen the power of the police state over law-abiding citizens.  "We will be vigilant.  More police everywhere.  You'll see them in airports.  You'll see them in tunnels.  It is not because there's any evidence of any ongoing threat; it is just out of vigilance and caution."

Cuomo then articulated the fundamental principle of the Great Treason: there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.  He said, "And the truth is New York is an international symbol of freedom and democracy.  That's what we are and we are proud of it.  That also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts."  You see, Saipov was involved in a political protest against Jeffersonian democracy, not in Islamic terrorism.  That's because, according to the likes of de Blasio and Cuomo, there is no affirmative ideology of Islamic terrorism from the Quran or a mosque or ISIS, or even the dreadful shadow that may pass over the human heart, blocking out Light.

Cuomo concluded, "We've lived with this before, we've felt the pain before, we feel the pain today, but we go forward together, and we go forward stronger than ever."  He closed with "Don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape, or form."

In other words, change nothing; do nothing.  The golden invitation to the next Saipov still stands, the tenets of the Great Treason go unchallenged, and while the streets are still crimson with the blood of innocents, we are magically stronger because we are so resilient.

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