Jihad Rears Its Head Again, with Democrats Enabling

Tuesday in New York City, Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbek immigrant and jihadist, plowed a rented truck into bicyclists and pedestrians, killing eight and seriously injuring "numerous" others.  The response from leading New York Democrats was sickeningly rote.  It was saturated with political correctness – hence, deceptive.  Deceptive, therefore cynical.  If not stopped, Democrats' P.C. will keep killing Americans.

Democrats enable jihad on these shores.  Their worldview, policies, and steadfast denial of the long-term war being waged by Muslim fundamentalists are costing lives – San Bernardino, Orlando, now Manhattan, to name marquee attacks.  It puts Americans across the nation at risk daily.  It does so open-endedly.

Defeating the jihad means defeating Democrats, too.  Republicans forever express a desire for bipartisan solutions.  Surely there's a way to unite with Democrats to counter and defeat this enemy!  Surely the hope is vain. 

The way to victory is to mobilize Americans other than Democrats against the jihad.  Social media and grassroots action allow pro-security and anti-jihad forces to bypass the mainstream media.  More is being done now on social media than at the grassroots.  It is time to step up grassroots efforts.  The alternative to the Democrats' approach: clear vision, frank talk, tough policies, and relentless condemnation of the Democrats' evasions and failures.  President Trump is showing the way.

New York's governor, Andrew Cuomo, declared about Saipov's attack, per the New York Post (emphasis added):

All the evidence we have is that he was a quote unquote lone-wolf model. He has had several run-ins with the law which were basically minor vehicular traffic[.] ... He is a depraved coward is what he is. He was associated with ISIS and he was radicalized domestically and he's a depraved coward.

Cuomo suggesting that Saipov is a social misfit, petty lawbreaker, and "depraved coward" is standard fare, trotted out by Democrats and parroted by the MSM after jihadist attacks here and abroad.  Was Saipov a coward?  He may have been depraved, but he was not yellow.  That these Columbine wannabes have Islam in common is just a remarkable coincidence.  That's called the "willing suspension of disbelief."

The governor gives a small nod to Saipov's link to ISIS and his "radicalization domestically."  How does Cuomo know the latter unless Saipov has been under surveillance?  If Saipov was under watch, then how did he get to rent a truck and kill in cold blood?  The governor needs to explain.

If Saipov didn't bring his Muslim radicalism with him from Uzbekistan and was radicalized here, then how?  At his Paterson, New Jersey mosque?  Saipov, his wife, and his two kids occupy an apartment next to the mosque. 

Jihad Watch claims that the NYPD had the mosque under surveillance – until a "feminist Sharia Law advocate & liberal activist named Linda Sarsour" pressured the department to stop. 

Was Saipov's radicalism sparked or fueled there?  What does Governor Cuomo know about it?

Was Saipov recruited via the internet?  If through the internet, then Saipov is no "lone wolf."  The internet is an effective recruitment tool used by ISIS and other violent Muslim groups.  It's a means in an asymmetric – that is, highly unconventional – war on the West. 

Cuomo had good reason to suggest that Saipov was radicalized here.  

New York senator Chuck Schumer, Cuomo's fellow Democrat, is a principal backer of the "visa lottery" that gave Saipov U.S. entry.  Anyone who wins gets in.  Cuomo's remark about Saipov being radicalized here stinks of tail-covering for Schumer. 

The requirements for visa lottery winners are minimal – high school education, basic work experience, all of which can be falsified.  Stringent documentation isn't a hallmark of Uzbekistan, Syria, Pakistan – pick your Muslim country.  The visa lottery is more P.C. gimcrackery – but with an underlying serious political purpose.

Remarked President Trump in a November 1 tweet:

We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter).

Schumer's support of the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program" isn't about feel-good politics; it's about constituency-building by Democrats.  Flooding the nation with immigrants – legal and non – is about swelling Democratic ranks – Latino, Muslim, third-world, it matters not.  Democrats' efforts have been bolstered by establishment Republicans and business interests' quest for cheap labor.  These interests act similarly to the Civil War's Copperheads – Fifth Columns.

Cornered, Schumer – in a routinely shabby ploy – asserted that criticizing the visa lottery program is, in part, criticism of former president George H.W. Bush.  Bush signed a lottery measure authored by Ted Kennedy in 1990.  That was eleven years before 9/11.  Kennedy has been dead for eight years – so throw the dead Democrat under the bus.  It doesn't absolve Schumer, who has pushed his own lottery initiative.

In light of the truck attack, Mayor Bill de Blasio voiced yet another Democrat talking point and smear, though he lacked Cuomo's deftness. 

Once again, from the New York Post

The minute you start generalizing it – especially to a whole religion – then unfortunately we're sending the exact negative message that a lot of our enemies want sent[.] ... The terrorists want to affirm that this nation is somehow anti-Muslim. We've got to do the exact opposite.

The straw man in de Blasio's statement is that an entire religion, Islam, is being impugned.  President Trump certainly didn't do so.  It's near religion among Democrats that Islam can't possibly have any culpability in Muslim terrorist attacks.  The attackers couldn't be acting in accord with the fundamentals of their faith.  Why, suggesting otherwise is religious bigotry – a curious assertion from increasingly secularist (godless) Democrats, whose contempt for Judeo-Christianity is barely concealed.

In the immediate aftermath of the Manhattan attack, P.J. Media's Roger L. Simon wrote:

What most of us know – those who are even faintly honest anyway – is that Islam has a gigantic problem, the basis of which is that the so-called "radical" Islamists are actually practicing the fundamental version of their religion. What they do is approved, even required, by their holy texts.  Many of our liberals and progressives don't know this – or don't want to – but it's the reality.  It is also the reason Muslim protest is so tepid and often focused on non-existent Islamophobia.

Defeating the Democrats to defeat the jihad means not being cowed by their ready accusations of bigotry.  State it boldly: Muslims – true to basic Islamic tenets – are maiming and killing innocents across the globe.

There are Muslims who recognize the need for thorough reform of Islam.  They aren't many; many more are needed. 

Simon wrote:

Egypt's president al-Sisi has admitted and confronted this ghastly problem, calling for reform of Islam, but our own politicians – either ignorant or pathetically politically correct – dare not say a word.  We would, they say, be interfering with Muslim nations.

Let's take exception to Simon's characterization of "our own politicians" being ignorant or woefully P.C.  Among Democratic Party leaders and activists, ignorance and naïve loyalty to P.C. aren't the trouble.  The trouble is a worldview that holds Western civilization and the U.S. in contempt.  It's cynical calculation: open borders that allow indiscriminate immigration serve Democrats' political ends. 

The calculation goes: immigration that increases crime and terrorism is the price to pay to transform America and gain power. 

For Democrats, it's cost versus benefits – and the benefits win. 

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