A Time for War

“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”  That’s the beginning of a famous bible verse.   It’s a litany of life’s times and wonders that are dropped in our laps; weeping, laughing, dancing, healing. 

The last line purposely changes tone and says, “a time for war”.

Like it or not, this is that time.

Civil War.   

It’s here.  Now.  Thankfully this is not yet the blood in the streets kind of war, but war it is.  It’s a war for the soul of this country, it’s a war that will affect everyone; none will escape having to deal with it directly, or indirectly.

How did we get here?  It’s complicated.  But one thing for sure: what’s not complicated is who started this war, why, and who it is with.  During our lives, it was started by the hard left, and it’s a war to achieve power for them, for them to change the entire workings of our country.  They want to remake every institution they can, with themselves in control of as much as possible.  Power to them, belongs in the hands of their brilliant ideas, and their overwhelming moral superiority.   They believe this war is necessary in order to root out the injustice inherent in our country’s institutions and its tawdry citizenry.  

The war in its current form began in the sixties.  It was envisioned by the radicals in the SDS days, spurred by the luminaries of the Frankfurt School, furthered by the activities of Herbert Marcuse, Howard Zinn, Bill Ayers, and the leftist academic institutions we send our children to.  They have taken over institution after institution in a long, calculated preparation for this war.

First the universities.  Then Hollywood.  They took over the major media outlets such as the NY Times, the Washington Post, most journalism schools, all the major television networks, and most cable news outlets.  They took over our education system, down to kindergarten.  They have infiltrated our political parties, our government institutions, and our bureaucracies.  These already leaned left; now they fully took them over and want to force their ideas on us.  And they hate us.

I am not suggesting everything and everyone that takes part in any of these institutions is a hard leftist; what I am suggesting is the left has wrested control, to one degree or another, of all of them.  Some more than others, but all have been affected.

Examples of the current battles in the war:

Racialism, black lives matter, NFL kneeling, and the war on being white.

The new feminism, and the war on being male.

The new feminism, and the war on the unborn.

Turning sex into a cesspool.  Weinstein, Hollywood, preying on children, rampant unfaithfulness, broken families, transgenderism. 

Turning race baiting and sex allegation into weapons of mass destruction.

Environmental catastrophism. 

Health care control.

Spending our grandchildren’s money.

Allowing immigration to strangle what’s left of our institutions.

Pretending radical Islam is okay, but Judeo-Christian culture is not.

Teaching that socialism is just another form of government and not a failure.

Teaching that our country is inherently evil, and must be changed throughout.

There are many others. 

But the important thing to understand is every one of these major battles is going on simultaneously.  Our nation’s military command used to pride itself on being capable of handling two major war fronts.  As you can see, we aren’t fighting two fronts at home, it’s dozens and all at the same time.  And they’re hot battles, many of them being fought with the other side spending our own money to prop themselves up.

It’s like watching old war films of the Nazi air raids on London, or the allies carpet bombing German cities.   It’s designed to overwhelm, cause collateral damage, and overwhelm the opposition into giving up.

We on the right are the targets.  We on the right are the opposition. 

Unfortunately, we on the right haven’t had a good organization to counter the shock and awe tactics of the left.  The party that is supposed to lead us doesn’t even know we’re in a war.  They think it’s just the same old politics, and they can go to the pubs and parties of Washington in the evening and pal around with leftists, toasting their amusement as the country succumbs to poison.  After all, they’re rich and powerful and having fun.

Oh, I forgot to mention the Republican Party in the list of battles.  Unfortunately, it’s one of the larger battles in this hot war.  Its leadership, or lack thereof, is what has allowed us to be on the losing side for so long.  It’s filled with a combination of Benedict Arnolds (McCain, Flake, Corker, etc.), Wishy-washy General McClellans (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, most of the GOP elite), with a lot of officers who are bought and corrupted by donors who don’t share the goals of winning any of these battles.

So here we are, and thankfully, with a few aces up our sleeves.

In our realignment, we fortunately found one excellent leader.  He won the last great battle of 2016.  Yes, he won it with us on the right; most of us fought with him.  ‘Twas a major victory that has put many of the above-mentioned battles on pause for the left.  They have all pivoted and are aiming for Trump, doing their best to take him out, doing their best to depress us by carpet bombing him.  Regrettably for them, it’s a little like watching Yosemite Sam shoot off his own foot with guns a-blazing.   Trump has their number so far, and it looks like he will continue to do so.  Other than having to watch the insane dramas and psychotic breakdowns of the left’s generals (and foot-soldiers), it’s not been this much fun for us on the right since Reagan.  Winning covers a lot.

For us on the right, we need to not get stuck watching shiny things (as the left has been doing since Trump won).  We need to mobilize our forces alongside Trump.  Now.

We need to know that in spite of recently winning, we can still lose this war.  We need to recognize the consequences of losing this war.  We need to continue to wake up the great coalition on the right in order to win against an enemy that will stoop to lying, cheating, stealing, slandering, and destroying anyone that is in their way.   

That’s no exaggeration.  Just a few examples:

The left has taught the next generation white guilt.  Alongside Uncle Tom guilt.  Both lies.  Racialism is mental slavery.

The left has convinced the next generation that socialism is good.  That free enterprise is evil.  That we are destroying our environment.   All destructive lies.

They are lying about their own sexual moral superiority.  They created a depraved culture on the left, and then blamed it on the right and used it as a weapon against our candidates.   Instead of a degree of shame for what they have done, they preen as if it’s the right that has ruined everything good about sex.  Roy Moore is evil without any real evidence other than accusation.  Al Franken and the Clintons are to be forgiven in spite of genuine, hard evidence of depravity. 

You get the picture; each battle is filled with lies from the left.  It’s their MO.  Tokyo Rose is their model.  Hillary is their face.

Ace number two.  Our ships are burned.  Alexander the Great used that tactic with his army, as did Cortez.  Burn the possibility of retreat so your soldiers will fight harder and never give up.  Well, I wish the GOP were that smart; instead, they simply let our ships drift out to sea, let them rot, and let them be corrupted.  Now, we really do have to fight harder just to stay alive.  And people are rising up to fight, and fight without reservation.  It’s the great realignment, and it really exists.  People will have to fight harder because of the stupidity of the GOP, and they are.

Ace number three.  I label it the calling of Gideon’s Army. 

Those who are fearful have gone, or are going home.

Those who are the best fighters have been called, and are being called right now.  They are fervent, intense, trained, and desire victory.  They keenly lap up the water.  They see the stakes, they know their enemy, they know the cost. 

Before there is bloodshed in the streets, we must beat them at their own game.  

The left must be defeated before they can regroup.   Bring.  It.  On.

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