A Simple Way for Trump to Slow the Tide of Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration has temporarily taken a back seat to the latest social justice and #NeverTrump campaigns of NFL kneelers and rodeo clown congresswomen listening in on the president’s calls to the families of fallen soldiers. Lots can still happen in the back seat, as many teenagers know. Border wall prototypes are being developed and illegal immigration is down, just because of the new sheriff in Washington, D.C. Consequences of illegal immigration have not abated, however, as evidenced by a recent story from Boston. “Sreynuon Lunn, under arrest for the beating of an elderly woman in a wheelchair while robbing her of $2,000 cash.” This career criminal from Cambodia was left alone because, “Law enforcement had no right to arrest or detain Lunn or anyone else at the request of Federal immigration authorities, pursuant to a civil immigration order.” So there. A win for social justice. A big loss for the elderly woman. Also in Boston, an...(Read Full Article)