Will the NFL Be the First Legal Monopoly in US History to Fail?

Monday Night Football ratings are down.  NFL ticket sales are down.  Stadiums are half empty.  The NFL may cut 10 Thursday night broadcasts from the lineup.  NFL owners met in New York last week to deal with the kneeling crisis.  Now consider this: the NFL is a private monopoly established by an act of Congress, and it looks like it’s going down.  How is such a thing possible?

In 1961, after a federal court nullified the NFL’s exclusive two-year broadcasting contract with CBS, Congress passed the Sports Broadcasting Act (SBA).  To overcome the court’s ruling, the SBA made it legal for individual teams to pool their broadcasting rights and to sell the pooled rights as a package to various broadcasting networks.  By protecting it from Sherman anti-trust violations, Congress established the NFL as a legal monopoly. 

Since then, it has been all but impossible for any other corporation to compete for the professional football dollar.  From 1983 to 1985, the United States Football League tried, but ultimately failed, even though they sued the NFL for monopolistic practices and won the suit. 

The suit alleged that the NFL inhibited the new league’s ability to obtain broadcast coverage, and thereby to generate revenue, and the new league asked for $1.69 billion in damages.  The jury agreed that the NFL was a monopoly, but decided that the NFL’s television contracts did not violate the law.  In the end, the upstart league was awarded only $3 in damages and it went bust.

Subsequently, the NFL flourished, with lots of help from taxpayers.  In 2015, a report from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance said:

Since 1995, a staggering 29 of the 31 stadiums that house NFL teams received public subsidies for construction, renovation or both.  Between 1995 and today, taxpayers have been forced to spend nearly $7 billion subsidizing NFL stadium construction and renovation projects.

The NFL is a cash machine.  It generated about $14 billion in revenue in 2016.  The average salary of an NFL player is $1.9 million per year.  About 68% of NFL players are black.  They’re all millionaires.

So here we are in 2017.  Taxpayers build the factories (stadiums) where the NFL’s essential employees (football players) produce its saleable goods (footballs games).  What a deal. Congress gives you a monopoly and the taxpayers build your factories.  Then all you have to do is run the factory for half of the year and play a football game once a week.  It’s a guaranteed gravy train for everyone.  The NFL could profit forever.  How could the NFL possibly foul it up?

To repeat, how is it possible to fumble a monopoly?  Answer: turn it over to the race industry.

What does the race industry do?   What is the essential and fundamental thing it does?  It runs a shakedown scam.  Here’s how it works.

The shakedown scam starts with an arbitrary claim of disparity.  Anything can be interpreted as a disparity or as representing a disparity – history, symbolic statues, murder rates, income inequality, schools, police, low income housing, football players without a job – literally, anything. 

The next step is to blame the disparity on society, in particular, some intangible quality of society.  The more vague and ineffable you assign the nature of the blame the better.  Racism is perfect.  It can be everywhere and nowhere.  It lives in the mind of someone else.  You can call it up as needed, or dismiss it as needed.

The third step is to identify an evil doer associated with the ineffable source of the disparity.  The targeted evil doer has to be a plausible representative of society, and must have the ability to pay up.  With a targeted evil doer in mind, the fourth step is to mount a smear campaign against the evil doer.  Any type of smear campaign will do, as long as it’s legal, and as long as it causes social and financial harm to the evil doer.  The last step is to demand a payoff to stop the damage.

Colin Kaepernick ran the scam to perfection, and now we’re seeing the payoff.  The disparity was his sense of injustice.  After feeling the disparity, he took a knee during the nation anthem as a general protest against injustice in society.  By doing it while on the job, he associated blame with the NFL, and made the NFL the representative of society.  Taking the knee was the public smear campaign and it spread like a virus.  Everyone was taking a knee, even the owners.  It was designed to make the NFL look bad, and it worked.  Many fans were insulted and they quit watching.  When money started ebbing from NFL coffers, the NFL panicked and held a meeting to figure out how to stop the damage.

Now comes the payoff.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the NFL won’t force players to stand for the anthem, and that it will pivot to “community issues” to help players with their  “activism.”  Goodell and Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin signed a letter to Congress supporting criminal justice reform, because, of course, “we can’t arrest our way out of this” and we have to stop the “school to prison pipeline” in order to obtain social justice. If you have any doubt about black drug gangs and the epidemic of black violence in America, just follow Colin Flaherty’s daily crime documentary.  Then ask yourself, “What kind of criminal justice reform is going to stop the crime?”

Confused Eagles defensive end Chris Long announced that he would donate the remainder of his salary this year to increase “educational equality.”  How about that!  The scammers shamed him into making a voluntary payoff!  While we must applaud everyone’s charitable donations, at some point we have to ask, “Didn’t he get the memo?” 

Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education in 1979.  Today it has more than 4,000 employees and an annual budget of $68 billion.  Historical government budget data show that $1.6 trillion has been appropriated from the federal treasury for education since 1980.  If we don’t have educational equality after $1.6 trillion of federal government meddling, how many trillions more is it going to take?  Does Long really think his salary will buy “educational equality,” whatever that is?

And the shakedown scam hasn’t ended.  After Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers to become a free agent, he was unemployed.  Now Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett says that in order to resolve the kneeling crisis, Kaepernick has to be hired by another team.  Kaepernick himself is suing the NFL for collusion, and he’s wangled a $1 million book deal for his story. He reportedly has a net worth of $22 million, but hey, every million counts.

See how this works?  Reality doesn’t matter. Smear, shakedown, rinse, repeat.

The race industry has engineered a national hysteria about racism, white supremacy, inequality, and every other disparity that it can imagine.  It believes that the shakedown scam is the best strategy for benefitting black America, and that destroying the NFL in the process will be a net plus.  Anyone have any new ideas for making black millionaires?

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