The Right Man at the Right Time

No matter what he does, a large part of the country will never accept Donald Trump as our president. Hollywood will never like him, not that that matters any longer, since the implosion of Harvey Weinstein has shown the entire lot of virtue signaling miscreants to be morally bankrupt.

The media will always be against him. They may have been head over heels for Barry the “lightworker,” “sent to help us evolve,” but it will always be “he can’t do anything right,” for Trump.

The hardcore progressives, around 20% of the population, will forever loathe him and regular “run of the mill” Democrats will never think of him as anything but illegitimate -- that’s been the media’s meme since last November.

Even many “middle of the road” Republicans -- who in essence, stake out positions once held by mainstream Democrats before the party mutated into a hard-left progressive movement -- don’t like him either.

Yet, there is a silent majority in this nation who are willing to give the man a chance to succeed. I know the media are already calling his presidency a failure after ten months, but that was expected.

This silent majority believes in America as something of value, unlike the Democrats, who constantly tell us the country is racist and unfair. Yet, they don’t want to stand up in public, or on the job, or even with friends, because they don’t want to be screamed at, or passed over for promotion, or lose friends over politics. That’s the thing about the regular guy or gal trying to survive in this world. They and their families have bad habits, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They don’t need drama. They just want to survive.

The difference between conservatives and progressives is that we view progressives as mistaken or misinformed, whereas progressives view us as evil. It’s understandable that most choose to remain quiet about their politics. Who wants to be the evil guy?

Silence may be the requisite tact in this age of snowflakes, virtue signaling, and Twitter shaming, but there will always be elections. In fact, this is why America has always had a secret ballot. It prevents exactly the type of intimidation progressives utilize in the public square.

The Democrats have been decimated at the polls since Barack Obama took the party leftward. The Republicans now control 33 governorships and 32 statehouses including 26 trifectas, which occur when the governor’s office and both houses of the state legislature are controlled by the same party; the Democrats have six trifectas.

Barry had skills with respect to his own election and reelection, but his attempts, in his own words, at “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” devastated his party because, without him, his coalition of the ascendant crumbled.

We also make our opinions known with our dollars. We can choose to spend them on what we want, and choose not to spend them when we don’t want to, as the NFL, ESPN, and Hollywood are just now learning.

We may not want to argue in public but we make our feelings known. I used to go to four or five movies a year, no more, and even though I was never a big ESPN guy, choosing movies and hour-long dramas on cable over sports TV, I would watch it perhaps an hour a week, which now I no longer do. I read and write about politics, I don’t want politics with my sports. Sports have always been an escape, but the progressive harpies can’t have that, they must control everything. As far as the NFL is concerned, in the past, I would never miss a Jets game (I know, stop laughing, this is a serious article), this year, I don’t think I’ve seen an entire game all season.

Donald Trump, however, refuses to be silent, and you have to respect him for it. For far too long, the Republicans have allowed progressives to dictate the conversation. Utilizing this capability, progressives portray anyone who doesn’t agree with them as heinous. With their control of the media and the entertainment industry, anytime someone diverges from the liberal path, he is publicly vilified. No one wants to be the villain, so most Republicans try to never disagree -- at least, for attribution.

Donald Trump is having none of that; he doesn’t care what anyone says, he stands by his convictions and that has long been missing from our elected Republicans. It is said that politics is Hollywood for ugly people. Yet those people want to be famous, just like those in Hollywood. Sixes and sevens all want to be nines and tens. They want to be invited to all the right parties; they want to rub shoulders with George Clooney and Meryl Streep, some wouldn’t mind being groped by Ben Affleck. They want to go on “The View’ and have Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar fawn all over them and tell them how great they are for being so progressive.

Trump doesn’t care; he has already done that. He already is a star. His greatest asset is his ego because he knows who he is and he doesn’t care what people say. In the past, when the left challenged a Republican, the Republican would fold. You can’t win a war if you are afraid to hurt your opponent, just as Obama’s Rules of Engagement (ROE), where our troops weren’t allowed to fire first (the first war in history of mankind where one side was not allowed to shoot first) was losing the war against ISIS and in Afghanistan, conservatives were losing the war of ideas against the autocratic progressive claque.

As an aside, note how long it took our troops to roll up ISIS when the ROE were changed and Obama’s policy of “pursue and let retreat” was changed to “pursue and destroy.”

Trump is not perfect, but he is the perfect man in the age of Twitter. He tells it as he sees it, and he isn’t afraid to make hard decisions and to be portrayed in the media as a buffoon and a failure. He realizes that even were he to bow to the media as deeply as Obama bowed to every potentate and Islamic dictator in the world, the media would still call him a buffoon and a failure. John McCain learned that lesson, although by how he votes today, not well enough. When he was the “Maverick,” trying to walk the liberal path while still being a Republican, the media loved him because he played their game, but once he ran against Obama, they destroyed him.

Trump bows to no man, and that’s what many like about him because a president should never bow. The United States of America doesn’t bow. We finally have a president who will stand up and fight. He dictates the conversation; he calls out the other side, something a Republican would never do because God forbid, he doesn’t get invited to the latest “in” party. Trump doesn’t care; he’s been to all the “in” parties.

Like him or not, he is the first president, aside from Reagan, who has made any effort to keep his promises -- and he will fight as the left fights. Barry lived off executive orders maintaining that if Congress wouldn’t act, he would use his phone and his pen.

Trump has often criticized Obama for using executive orders exclusively to implement his agenda in the last seven years of his presidency. Now, Trump will use them himself to implement his policies, many of which are a rollback of Barry’s attempt at radically transforming the nation.

Trump is willing to fight the way the left fights. He is willing to get down and dirty and fight in the mud if he has to. When they insult him, he insults back. When they ridicule him, he ridicules back. When they throw a punch, he throws a punch and he is not afraid to throw the first punch either (see the NFL, see the media).

I learned a long time ago that you can’t win a fight unless you’re willing to do whatever your opponent is willing to do.

Trump is willing to use every single weapon progressives have always used.

It’s not only about time we had a president like Donald Trump, it is the right time, because if he fails all is lost for the nation.

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