Swamp-Shrink Rising at the Crack of Don

There are two kinds of ethical offenses a psychologists might commit: objective and subjective.  An objective transgression happens when a psychologist is knowingly dishonest to other people, and a subjective error occurs when a psychologist succumbs to being dishonest with himself.  Objective errors of omission happen when a psychologist fails to meet minimal standards of care while performing professional activities; objective errors of commission occur when a personal motive leads a psychologist to misuse his position for personal gratification.

Subjective errors occur when psychologists are dishonest with themselves about how their own biases, beliefs, and interests might affect professional judgment.

Psychologist John Gartner has committed all three ethical offenses in psycho-diagnosing the current president as an out-of-control "malignant narcissist" and in declaring President Trump psychologically unfit to serve.  It has been widely noted that Gartner committed an objective error of omission by applying a clinical diagnosis without directly interviewing the subject of his assessment.  Regarding an objective error of commission, Dr. Gartner is seeking fame and wealth in malpracticing against the most famous person in the world.  Gartner is fundraising based on his diagnosis.  He also refers to himself as "a maverick" for vilifying Trump.

A left-wing psyclopsian thinks he's a maverick (like his gynecist mommy) because he has the courage to pathologize Trump?  Just who is out of touch with reality?

John Gartner's dishonesty with himself is his most serious offense, and it typifies the imprisonment of the entire field of clinical psychology in self-imposed anti-God, left-wing captivity.  This subjective offense violates the American Psychological Association (APA)'s code of professional conduct:

Psychologists refrain from taking on a professional role when personal, scientific, professional, legal, financial, or other interests or relationships could reasonably be expected to (1) impair their objectivity, competence, or effectiveness in performing their functions as psychologists[.]

Ethics guides the application of moral consciousness to technical problems.  Cults cannot inspire morality, and the APA is an anti-moral cult that exhibits little or no scientific objectivity regarding political or moral questions.  John Gartner's voodoo diagnosis of a political leader is the priest-craft of that cult.

Dr. John Gartner practices psychology in the wealthy, fetid swamp waters of Towson, Maryland.  He smeared President Trump with one of the ugliest labels in the psychiatric nomenclature: malignant narcissism.  The clinical features of this personality disorder include persistent sadism, aggression, and anti-sociality.  It is a ludicrous label for the president, who is a law-abiding teetotaler.  No lawyered up lady or gentleman has ever even attempted to rifle through Trump's extremely deep pockets secondary to allegations of aggression or abuse.  Most importantly, he is a successful father, grandfather, leader, and CEO, which is not possible for people with malignant personality disorders.

Dr. Gartner is campaigning to have the president removed from office based on senseless incantations about Mr. Trump's mental incapacity.  Perhaps Gartner suspects that 62 million flyover Americans, whom his favored candidate labeled deplorable, have mental problems or are so stupid that they would be duped by a cruel, deranged incompetent.  He knows nothing about them, either.

Regarding Dr. Gartner's clinical acumen, psychiatrist Allen Frances, who authored the standard criteria for narcissistic personality, dismissed people like Gartner who use the label against the president.  "I don't see them as knowing much about diagnoses."

The evidence Gartner offers that President Trump is paranoid and grandiose is that Trump believed that his campaign was being secretly surveilled, and that the huge crowds at his rallies were a sign of his popularity.  Again, it is Gartner who suffers from grossly impaired reality testing.  It is an established fact, reported by CNN among other outlets, that Trump's staff was electronically surveilled by the Obama administration during the campaign.

In addition to not interviewing his diagnostic subject, it is unlikely Dr. Gartner attended Trump rallies.  If he had, even he might have observed that those enormous rallies were not focused on Trump's personality, but rocking with love for America, the Constitution, and the preservation of freedom.

Dr. Gartner casts himself as "a rebel with a cause," as, he believes, was his mother.  His pride in his mother's early National Organization for Women (NOW) activism explains why he is intolerant of diversity of political opinion today.  It also parallels how the American Psychological Association lost moral relevance in American life.  In 1969, when our swamp-shrink was a lad of ten, his mother Diana Gartner tricked her way into the last bastion of sex-based exclusivity – male-only hours at a New York bar.  Was she fighting for equal rates of alcoholism between men and women?

Like many psychologists, Gartner seems incapable of respecting viewpoint diversity regarding what they term feminism, which is why he is replicating his mother's toxic inhumanity.  In truth, Diana Gartner is grandmother of 100 million tiny corpses.  By1969, American women and girls had all the rights they needed to live godful, joyful lives.  NOW undermined that freedom because it was about not feminism, but gynecism.  Gynecism promotes the radical dehumanization of women by reducing them to soulless objects of biological functionalism.  The primal cause of gynecism and the central focus of NOW is the bio-functionalist doctrine of the disposability of the unborn.  Mrs. Gartner believed that little Johnny in her womb was precious, but little Johnny in another womb was waste product.

At the end of her life, NOW founder Betty Friedan lamented that the organization was dominated by abortion rights.  Mrs. Friedan did not understand the mental imprisonment of submitting to the absolute fallacy of denying human identity to a human individual.

The APA descended from being a scientific body to a blood cult by composing mind-numbing chants and spells to inculcate abortion theory while calling them scientific research.  Through the decades, that spiritual regressivism was followed by relative fallacies such as homosexual supremacy.  Speaking of ethics, to their shame, there will be not a peep from the American or California Psychological Associations regarding that state's recent decriminalization of the intentional spreading of HIV, including to children.

Absolute ignorance demands absolute mental obedience.  It destroys objectivity, reason, and compassion.  The American left wing, the Democratic Party, the APA, and its member John Gartner crouch in that narrow cell of absolute and relative fallacies that perpetuate the unremitting hate of their closed minds.  It is why they cannot rationally debate issues, but rage about nonexistent racism, sexism, homophobia, blah, blah, blah.  It is why John Gartner violated the ethical principles of his profession to psychobabble against Donald Trump.

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