School Coach Branded Racist for Calling Thugs 'Thugs'

Imagine if behind every little thug, there were larger, stronger thugs ready to defend those little thugs against criticism or correction. In this situation, thuggery would always grow, and all defense against it would be futile, until at last most people would  just give up and either join the thugs or hide quietly in their corners all their lives. This self-perpetuating thuggish world is the social mechanism of public school in a nutshell -- a world in which beating up a classmate with special learning needs has become a less egregious offense than condemning that beating with language that might hurt the perpetrators' feelings. Public education is systematized thuggery raised to the level of an extinction event. And what is slowly going extinct under the government schooling regime is civil society -- standards of mutual respect and decency, individual responsibility, rational discourse, higher literacy, the spiritual life, and moderation. In an age which spews...(Read Full Article)