Reimagining the Democratic Party

The downward spiral of the Democratic Party started with political correctness, sowing the seeds of the current anti-free speech atmosphere.  A political movement in shambles, Democrats still have not looked in the mirror and imagined a new vision.  Instead, the Left has painted itself into a corner and has nowhere to go.  They have doubled down on the same policies, the same leadership, the same media, the same repeatedly wrong pundits.  The Left’s anti-white bigotry, cultural vandalism, anti-American, anti-free speech, and violent protests are not going to win elections. 

Berkeley-style violence is the tip of the anti-free speech iceberg.  Online discussions are crawling with liberals who upvote each other’s rants faster than they would the Gettysburg Address.  At the same time, they massively downvote, flag, and collapse conservative views.  Deceiving oneself is ultimately self-defeating.  Political movements usually self-correct when they wander too far from reality and the will of the people.  The leftist media spin more narrative and offer less fact, liberals like it that way.  So on presidential election night, they got a pie in the face they never saw coming.  It also happened on Brexit election night. 

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is a double whammy for the Left, a blow to the role of Hollywood elites and feminists as well.  James Comey covering for Hillary, the Clinton Uranium One and Debbie Wasserman Schulz server scandals are just warming up.  The NFL protests are a double whammy, the narrative is a fraud and the venue a disgrace.  In 2016, 7881 blacks were murdered, 90.1% of them by other blacks; 7100 blacks killed by other blacks.  FBI crime facts show only 16 unarmed blacks were shot by police.  That is 00.2% of the total. “Unarmed” is an after-the-event determination -- no one can be sure an assailant is not armed in real time. 

Ferguson Missouri’s favorite son Michael Brown is an example.  The big 6’4” man had just committed a strongarm robbery, choking a store clerk and stealing cigars.  When a policeman stopped him, he profanely resisted and then launched himself into the police car, striking the officer several times.  The officer was bloodied and Brown’s DNA was found inside the car.  Only Brown could have put himself there.  Claims of him being shot while running many feet away were proven false when the autopsy showed him shot from the front at close range. 

Menacing and violent people are dangerous, and the possibility that they might be armed cannot be dismissed.  And it is the police who have more to fear, as FBI facts show, “a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer.” Some 135 police officers were murdered in the line of duty in 2016.  

The Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter bigots and Hate America First white elites use blacks as pawns, and blacks are the losers.  Black homicide deaths have skyrocketed from 6095 in 2014.  Up 29% in two years, with 1786 more black murder victims just this year.  That is 112 times the number of police/black/unarmed incidents, fueled by the Ferguson Effect.  From revolving door justice in the 1960s, soft on crime excuses, and today’s fake narrative, the Democratic Party has devastated the black community for decades.

Modern leftists are open bigots spewing racist hate.  Liberals attack whites every day, they play the race card in the first two minutes of any discussion.  They divide people with identity politics.  They give their tribe a pass on all manner of violence, crime, and antisocial behavior.  Their smears are both bigoted and designed to kill debate.  The Left abandoned Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society long ago.  MLK said, “I have a dream… they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” liberals today call this a myth.  The Left rejects colorblindness and preaches never ending racial division. 

The Left peddles multiculturalism, using bigotry to denounce Western ideas as ‘about dead white men,’ or ‘Eurocentric’ mindsets.  Similar to the NFL smear-America protests, this is fast becoming the way to irrelevancy.  Austria and Czech Republic just voted hard right joining Britain, Hungary, and Poland in resisting European Union liberalism.  Uncontrolled immigration and open borders are the number one issue.  The populist revolution continues.

A new generation will come along that will reinvent the Democratic Party.  Anti-Americanism, anti-free speech, and full-on racism do not work.  A Democratic Party that honors and respects America, is pro-Western, that always defends free speech and is non-racist would be a wonder. 

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