Jeff Sessions and the Conservative Talkers

Over the last few years a good guess suggests that at least 50% of conservative talk content has been devoted to the inter-connected scandals of:  Clinton-Rhodes-Lerner-Holder-Comey-Lynch-Powers-Rice-Mueller.  And, of course, their boss.  Let’s call it the Stack of Miscreants, after Rush Limbaugh’s Stack of Stuff.  The names, at this point, are all the reference we need.  We’re already steeped in the details.  Our Conservative Talk champions have drilled it into us year after year; day after day; hour after hour.

Yet now, after all the thousands of hours of skilled analysis and sometimes Churchillian rhetoric, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and their Conservative Talk kin appear to be content, watching their efforts to expose the Stack of Miscreants go wasted, because Jeff Sessions has decided to just let it slide. Where is their eloquence on this single point of failure?

Lois Lerner and the IRS are off the hook for Tea Party persecution, apparently.  Of all the scandals wasn’t this the most provable?  It seemed to be from Conservative Talk’s steady stream of analyses. Selective targeting of political groups. Destruction of data, trashing computers.  Pleading the fifth, requests for information obstructed and ignored.  All part of the historical record.  Everything already nicely laid out for a sane grand jury to authorize full prosecution.  Was Conservative Talk wrong about Lois Lerner?  Why aren’t you mad as hell at this? Why all the slack for Sessions?

In July, the refrain from Conservative Talk, responding to Trump’s (admittedly juvenile) bout of anti-Session twittering, was “give a guy a chance” and “let him do his job.”  Or how about the suggestion that behind the scenes crafty Jeff was lining up all his ducks for judgement day.  Well, after the get-out-of-jail-free card for Lois Lerner, that’s no longer a tenable view.  Jeff Session’s only justice craft appears to be finding ways to avoid prosecuting it.

The articles and blog posts calling for Session’s resignation are multiplying (and not just in American Thinker).  The once kindly looking old legislator now appears in internet images like an age-enfeebled, slightly creepy looking version of Stewie Griffin (ala “Family Guy”).  Except when Stewie’s around, there’s no lack of action.

Among the conservatives notables, only FOX News’ even-keeled Gregg Jarrett appears to have the guts to openly assess the performance of Jeff Sessions as impotent, meriting resignation or termination. But from Conservative Talk:  Nothing doing.  A couple disturbing incidents:  When a recent female caller to Rush Limbaugh referred to the Jarrett article, the grand master beat a hasty retreat to a commercial, which was perhaps unavoidable, but then never returned to what should have been a juicy, teachable moment.  And Rush loves teachable moments. Mark Levin, after a lengthy dissection of one scandal (I forget which one, but it hardly matters), concluded his effective argumentation with a bland, not-too-confidant, and I hope my friend Jeff Sessions is doing something about this.

Mr. Levin, your friend is not doing anything. As William Buckley asked his friend and President, Richard Nixon, to do the right thing for the country and resign, can you imagine that Jeff Sessions may now need the prompting of a true friend to step down himself, while still in some good standing with history.

Thought experiment:  Where would we be now with one of the following firebrands as AG? 

  • Jeanine Pirro,
  • Allan West,
  • Greg Abbott. 

Or someone else capable of getting through the senate, but also equipped with the intelligence and speech-making skills to implement a genuine offense against the former administration’s lawbreakers.  Imagine the non-stop flood of stories seizing the momentum in the media, overwhelming the fraudulent reporting of Russian-Trump collusion with a slew of fact-driven investigations into real collusions and real circumventions related to unmasking, Benghazi, Iran, pay to play Clinton Foundation schemes, etc.  Imagine the current status of the untethered Mueller investigation: (1) He’s never appointed in the first place.  (2) He gets appointed but with a defined deliverable within a defined time-frame, and Rosenstein gets a pink slip. (3) He gets appointed but is shamed into closing shop by a counter investigation into spending abuses and hiring a politically biased staff pursuing politically-biased aims.  (4) Or best of all, he simply gets terminated by Attorney General West-Pirro-Abbott for the abuses of number 3.

And now, as I watch my evening of FOX, Sean Hannity is relaying the latest in the Uranium One scandal, and it points to massive collusion and corruption by Mueller, Comey, Holder, Clinton, Lynch, and probably Obama.  Conclusive evidence we’re told. It just needs to be acted upon.  Will it be? Or will it just be another avenue for Jeff Sessions to demonstrate his remarkable capacity for doing nothing.

Sean, Rush, Mark, Conservative Talk as a group, to have any effect this time you must assail more than just the specific scandal, you must assail, simultaneously, the single point of senescence that currently occupies the AG’s seat, the mediocre obstructionist who has demonstrated over and over he will never, ever act.