Is Mueller running scared?

Monday was quite the news day.  Mueller indicted Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, a Manafort business partner, and George Papadopoulos.  The latter two men are completely unknown to most Americans, very minor characters in this bit of political theater, akin to the fairy servants of A Midsummer NIght's Dream.  After nearly a year, this is Mueller's big play?  The results of a multi-millions dollar "investigation" (witch hunt)?  Sixteen hardcore Democrat lawyers on his staff and this is it?  A big nothing that is essentially, as Andrew McCarthy wrote yesterday,  "...not much there, a boon to Trump."  

This is most likely just an overture. Mueller and his gang of lefty thug lawyers play hardball and will use every trick in their bag to get these men to betray others.  But what if there is nothing to betray?  What if the only crooks are among the Democrat left?  

It seems like Mueller perhaps rushed his big splash onto the stage.  As of last Saturday, Manafort had no inkling he was about to be indicted. Papadopoulos had no heads up.  His lawyer was not even available to him yesterday morning.  This is unusual in federal non-violent crimes indictments.  Was Mueller perhaps feeling the heat from all that has been revealed about his part in the Uranium One scandal and pal Comey's knowledge of the Clinton-commissioned "dossier"?  

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal has called for him to resign.  There have in fact been numerous calls for him to resign given his and Comey's role in overseeing the Uranium One pay-to-play scheme.  Seems like he is feeling some heat.  As legal analysts (real ones, not CNN's Jeffrey Toobin) have weighed in all day, these indictments are a big load of nothing, certainly nothing related to any alleged Trump/Russia collusion.  Clearly Mueller has found little or nothing on that score.  

This flurry of legal activity then is meant to be a big distraction from the enormously serious scandal that is the Clinton participation in selling -- for $145m + to Clinton “charities” -- 20% of US uranium to Russia.  It was also revealed this past week that it was the Hillary campaign and the DNC that paid nearly $10m for that ridiculous bunch of nonsense about Trump meant to ruin his political chances of becoming President and then, after he was elected, to ensure his impeachment.  They commissioned and paid a fortune for a manufactured bit of licentious fiction so obviously false on its face that no one wanted to use it except Comey, David Corn of Mother Jones and Buzzfeed, NBC's sleazy attack outlet.  

Mueller likely knew all about this as well. Certainly Comey did; he offered to contribute while head of the FBI, with taxpayer dollars, to Fusion GPS's costs of its production, as did Obama, it would seem.  There is no way in hell that each of these high-level government operators did not know it was fake and who had generated it.  They knew and they reveled in it because they knew the media would run with it and thought the rest of us would fall for it.

The establishment left has always accused conservatives of doing that of which they are in fact deeply and regularly guilty.  If Republicans had a fraction of the left's willingness to discard any sense of ethics they may have learned as children, the scale might not seem so  unequal, so tilted to the advantage of a radical and corrupt left because the mainstream media are so far left themselves.  The tactics and strategies of the Democrats, in DC and the media, are completely antithetical to the values of most Americans, just as the current fad of disrespect shown the American flag and our anthem is offensive to most Americans.  

But somehow this fact is a mystery to the DC establishment, left and right, and to the media bigs. They believe, to the bottom of their dark hearts, that their job is to educate the rest of us, to convince us that they know best, that what they believe is right and that what we think we know is just wrong.  They actually believe that the rest of us must learn to embrace what they believe -- because they are right and we are stupid.  This is why they so love to mock us, in their columns, their speeches, their films, and their late-night television programs.  But it's never going to happen.   We will never cave to their anti-American, anti-Constitutional, subversion of our culture. They still cannot grasp that this is why Trump won.

The real hero of this poorly-directed theatrical production of Mueller's is CA Congressman Devin Nunes, our Mr. Smith who went to Washington, a man who is the antithesis to Adam Schiff, a dog with a meatless bone.  Nunes alone has kept searching for all the dots that need to be connected while Schiff continues to bleat about Trump's collusion with Russia and to ignore the many, many crimes of the Clintons.  

Nunes  has a few allies in the House and seemingly only Sen. Grassley in the Senate.  The rest of the Republicans need to step up to the plate and back Nunes all the way to indictments of all those who participated in the dossier fraud and even more importantly, the Uranium One scandal.  We conservatives are keeping track.  Those who sit quietly with zipped lips in the face of this level of corruption, the selling out of our national security, need to go.  If they cannot stand up to the unscrupulous left, they should leave Congress and let those who know the difference between right and wrong take their places.

More indictments are likely on the  horizon.  Will they be more sensational or even more toothless?  Either way, this entire fiasco of a "probe" has been shown to be what it is, a volcanic eruption of fake news that has blown back into the faces of the left.

Mueller is a spectacular example of everything that is wrong with our government.  He, like Comey, the Clintons and their entourage, Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff & company truly believe they are above the law, that our Constitution does not apply to them.  But it does and that is why Mueller is running scared.  Perhaps it is beginning to dawn on him that the American people are not as dumb as he thought. 

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