Is Michelle's 'true voice' Telling Her to Run for President?

In the biblical Song of Solomon, the voice of the turtle(dove) is a sign of Spring. But in the siren call of Michelle Obama -- who emerged last week from her nine-million-dollar beltway mansion to deliver a speech in Boston -- the voice of the lady birds who voted for Trump is a sign of Fall -- the fall of womankind, to be exact. Being every bit the scold as her husband, Michelle verbally attacked those she thinks deserve it most: the women who dared to vote for Donald Trump. This is not a small group, moreover, since Trump garnered 52% of the women’s vote compared to Hillary’s 54%. The husbands of both former First Ladies fared much better with the ladies. So the discrepancy is assumed to have something to do with the sex of the candidate. Not that Michelle is likely to seriously know any of the ladies she chastises, since her gal pals are all rock-ribbed liberals. I doubt if she predicted that the pushback against her remarks would be so swift and...(Read Full Article)