If a Liberal Whines with No One Around to Hear, Does He Make a Sound?

The left has a depressing message: racism, misogyny, greed, hate, communism, socialism, and the list goes on.  Americans have given these people a forum for decades, suffered through the angry speeches, the pompous lectures, the unending accusations and shaming.  And frankly, most people are sick of it.  They now go out of their way to avoid the liberal beatings.  As a result, liberals have trouble getting their message out.  Most people don't attend leftist rallies, they turn off programs where liberals rattle off their grievances, and they generally try to avoid the toxic left.  But liberals never take no for an answer, they always find another way to impose their will, to force us to listen.  Thus the bait and switch.  As usual, liberals don't have their own bait, so they have to co-opt ours.  They use events or activities we enjoy, places where we expect to have fun.  Then they parachute in and hammer us with their...(Read Full Article)