Holy Collusion!

Special "Counsel" Robert Mueller III with his deputy prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, the man behind the Enron prosecution and the collapse of global CPA firm Arthur Andersen (and its firing of 85,000 Andersen employees, a ruling later reversed by the Supreme Court), has colluded, cooperated, and conspired with Eric Schneiderman, New York State attorney general and associate of Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, in the persecution of U.S. president Donald Trump.  Cuomo was installed into his two-term governor's seat by none other than Barack Obama. 

Schneiderman has a long history of persecuting the Trump family.

Mueller also colluded, cooperated, and conspired with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. (the son of Jimmy Carter's secretary of state, who facilitated America's surrender to Iran's mullahs during the 1979 hostage crisis), in his attempt to take Donald Trump and the president's family down for the unforgivable sin of conducting business successfully and making far more money than the D.A. and his friends.

While Team Mueller and their shady past of prosecutorial overreach were regularly reversed by the high courts, the colluding by Team Mueller and the most left-wing states' attorneys general and district attorneys across the nation has barely been reported in the press's back pages.  In other words, we can look forward to never-ending coordinated prosecutions and fabricated charges against this president by partisan hacks and operatives.  With the rumors of upcoming indictments to be deliberated by the grand jury Mueller has assembled, there is no question that current attorney general Jeff Sessions must put an end to the former DOJ's and Mueller's McCarthyite travesty now, before they rend the nation. 

It is in the national interest!

The reason for ending the "witch hunt," as this president correctly called it, is the obvious attempt by the disloyal opposition and their in-the-pocket media to reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election and the will of the people.

Put another way, what the Democrat-Progressives desire, business as usual, is the very same goal the Russians desire: to inflict harm on the Democratic process, and in doing so, to enrich themselves.

A witch hunt it is, entirely politically motivated on a fake dossier manufactured in Moscow and London to help Donald Trump...er, I mean the Clintons get elected to the presidency, and most importantly, to shield the Clinton family and their foundation from future investigations into the Uranium 1 "matter" and other matters that have not yet surfaced in deals with Russia.

The witch hunt is led by a special counsel who has not only shielded the Clintons along with his FBI successor and his deputy director for years, but allegedly been working for the Clintons.  More astonishingly, he was, and is, himself an alleged party to the genuine collusion and conspiracy of the Uranium One deal with Russia! 

There's more

Given these facts, one can conclude that Mueller and his team have been guided by the losing presidential candidate and her gaggle of self-dealers, opportunists, colluders, conspirators, provocateurs, propagandists, and swamp creatures.

The Team Mueller Swamp is corrupt to its core.

Mueller has assembled a legal team of partisan hacks, some of whom have been donating to the Clintons for years.

In other words, the slimiest creatures from the swamp want to retain business as usual

Obama was a party to it. 

The Clintons are a party to it. 

Mueller and his team have been a party to it.

All along. 

They are the same swamp creatures who weaponized the Internal Revenue Service and the totally corrupt and partisan Department of Justice immediately following the 2008 election to deprive and sabotage fundraising efforts by the political opposition with names such as "Tea Party" and "Patriot."  In other words, constitutional, Christian, Zionist, and patriotic groups who've had it with "fundamental change," the government's social engineering, Black Lives Matter, and normalizing sexual deviation up to the ears.  Meanwhile, they do exactly what they have accused Team Trump of: violating the Democratic process.  Unfortunately for them, we have unmasked A.G. Loretta Lynch's anonymous email account detailing her meeting with Bill Clinton on that Arizona airfield tarmac in 108-degree heat to discuss children the A.G. never had and golf the A.G. never played.  More "unmasking" of these criminals will be upcoming.

These trends, friends, are just the tip of the iceberg at Justice.  It is the same Justice whose second in charge under A.G. Loretta Lunch, Rod J. Rosenstein recommended that the president fire former FBI director James Comey...which, immediately after Comey's firing, was turned into the sought after opportunity to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller III appointed on the recommendation of James Comey and Rosenstein, to look into the obstruction of justice "matter" against President Donald Trump for the firing of Director James Comey.

I see no collusion, cooperation, or conspiracy here.

Nor irony, either.

Do you?

By the way...

During his reign, New York State governor David Patterson was ridding Albany of corruption that the current governor "elected" by Barack Obama reinstated soon after he took office.  Andrew Cuomo is arguably the most corrupt governor among the states of the union.  It means specifically that the citizens' interests are set aside to benefit the swamp's.  That regression of corruption back into Albany's legislature moved forward the installation of Cuomo's allies Schneiderman and Vance Jr., whose corruption, too, is 90% underwater and invisible.  Guess who will be investigating the investigators!

Schneiderman's new hires "include Howard Master, an assistant U.S. attorney who worked on public corruption cases under former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York." 

We recall that Trump fired Bharara to wide outcry from the left, whose memory failed to recall what we can easily recall: that Barack Obama fired all the previous U.S. attorneys, including Bharara's predecessor from the Southern District.  Bill Clinton fired them all in a single day

Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, an equities trader, and a former economic adviser to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani.  He served on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance, and the Budget.  Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high-end audio, and transnational politics.

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