Hillary Clinton: Faust and Mephistopheles Rolled into One

"Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast, And each will wrestle for the mastery there."  Goethe, Faust

Most people are nominally familiar with the legend of Faust.  There are many variations but the essence of the tale remains the same.  It tells the story of a man unhappy with his own lack of success in life.  In frustration he becomes a sorcerer. Practicing his black magic, the devil materializes and offers him a deal:  The devil, Mephistopheles, will serve Faust and help him become a success in return for his eternal soul.  From this tale we get the adjective "Faustian," to describe people whose pride and arrogance leads to their own downfall.  Hillary is both Faust and Mephistopheles.   She has, from her college days, sought ever-increasing power and money.  In the process,  she became both Faust, the eternally dissatisfied "scholar," and Mephistopheles, the paragon of evil.  

From early days as the first lady of Arkansas, she felt entitled to more money and prestige than her husband earned as governor.  Together with her husband, she got them both involved in the Whitewater and Madison Guaranty real estate and bank scandals.  Once in the White House, her first depraved undertaking was to fire the entire White House travel office staff in order to turn the business over to a cousin of Bill Clinton's and some Arkansas friends. Then there were the "bimbo eruptions. "  She was in charge of silencing Bill's conquests who might speak the truth about her husband's wanton sexual adventures.   A full list of Clinton corruptions can be found here. It is a long list. 

"If I wasn't a devil myself, I'd give Me up to the Devil this very minute"  -Goethe

For those paying attention, Hillary has long been known to be a woman wholly without an ethical bone in her body.  And this was before we learned that it was she who commissioned the fake dossier that was meant to take Trump down and out, first out of the campaign and after he was elected, out of the White House.  Now we know that it was her campaign and the DNC who together paid nearly $9 million for that piece of rubbish that likely led to the Obama administration's spying on a host of private citizens they hoped would lead them to a prosecutable crime.  She now claims she did not know about the dossier she herself had commissioned, but that is clearly a lie, as she tweeted her knowledge of it before it was publicly known, before the election.  The woman could not tell the truth if a gun was held to her head.  Consider the blatant, shameful lies she told about the Benghazi tragedy.  She lied to the faces of the families of the dead. She laughed about it, as she so often does inappropriately,  at the hearing at which she testified thirty-nine times that she "could not recall"  when questioned about the details of what happened that night. 

“Fools that will laugh on earth, most weep in hell.”  Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus

While her defenders in the media are making light of the news that Hillary's campaign commissioned the dossier rather than admit they have been wrong about Trump colluding with Russia for nearly a year, the worst of her malevolence has finally broken through the logjam that comprises the mainstream media. The fact that she sold out American national security for money, $145m plus Bill's $500k for a speech tells the story; she is as culpable for her crimes as was Aldrich Ames.  She orchestrated the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to Putin and she did it with the full knowledge of Obama, Bob Mueller, James Comey, Eric Holder and Rod Rosenstein.  Each of them is a traitor as well for letting it happen.  This bit of skullduggery renders Watergate equivalent to a littering violation.  It is a huge betrayal of the country not to mention our formerly constitutional government.  (Peter Schweizer wrote about all of this in his book Clinton Cash, 2015)  And still, the media folk in her camp, the same ones who thought Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian lawyer constituted treason, are defending her part in the biggest scandal since the HUAC hearings and the Rosenbergs' conviction as spies. 

In the very early pre-Goethe versions of  Faust, the devil, despite his "pact," of course betrays Faust who is constantly deceived by the devil's deceptions but Faust is irrevocably corrupt and the devil "drags him off to hell."  Faust wastes the fleeting power he was given with cheap indulgences, as Hillary has so often;  Hillarycare, for one, and two failed runs for the presidency are a few of her many cheap indulgences.  Faust tried to escape from the pact because of the burden of disgrace and damnation but Mephistopheles wins the day.   In Goethe's version of Faust, God saves him in the end because of his prodigious efforts to redeem himself. Hillary has made no such effort.  For forty years, she has made use of her inner devil to malign, cheat and destroy anyone who got in the way of her Faustian quest for money and power.  And despite the wealth and influence she did amass, she has been her own worst enemy.  She seems a woman who completely lacks any sense of joy.  Her loss to Donald Trump is evidence that God works in mysterious ways. 

It is common knowledge by now that the Clinton Foundation did very little charitable work and was mainly a slush fund for the luxurious life style of the Clinton family and their favored friends.  It took in millions of dollars from mostly foreign nations and corporations who got whatever "favors" they paid for in her pay-to-play scheme.  The $145 million that Russia paid the Foundation via a Canadian bank was for that 20% of American uranium.  We know that some of that uranium has left the country, despite what Hillary's defenders say, and where it went we do not know.  North Korea?  Iran?  She sold her soul long ago for fame, power and money.  

"Alas, I have studied philosophy, the law as well as medicine, and to my sorrow, theology; studied them well with ardent zeal, yet here I am, a wretched fool, no wiser than I was before."  -Goethe

Franz Liszt wrote the Mephisto Waltz as a musical expression of Faust.  It was written as an integral part of a Faust play by Nikolaus Lenau and connotes Faust's spinning out of control.   It is a perfect accompaniment to Hillary's Faustian career.  Randy Newman wrote and produced his own updated  musical version of Faust in 1995.  This lyric from one of his songs seems an apt description of where Hillary stands today: 

"I'm bleedin' all over the place, Bleedin' all over.  Get me a witness To record my disgrace, How I've been dishonored, Deceived and debased.  Then someone get me a band-aid Before I fall on my ******' face 'Cause I'm bleedin' all over the place." 

Indeed she is.

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