For Democrats, Politics Is the Only True God

The Democrats were once a political party. Today, they have metastasized from a political party into a religious movement and the beliefs of that movement are inviolable. As the Ten Commandments were the basis for Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the idea that politics transcend all things is the basis of the progressive mindset.

Democrats = Politics = God = the Progressive Movement

To the Democrat of today, all things are political and everything can be framed within their vision of how the nation, and indeed, the world should be run. That this country, in particular, should be run by them is at the core of their beliefs -- the identity politics, the idea that there are no legitimate leaders except their own, full control of the economy, where people live, where they go and how they get there, what they do, what they eat, and lastly what they think, are merely tools to facilitate their total control.

As Thomas Lifson said, everything is about “the state controlling more and more aspects of citizens’ lives, while it consumes more and more of their income.” 

Climate control has never been about the climate. It is the perfect means of control. It is about forcing people to live in densely populated cities, without cars, in an ever-smaller living space, with everything within walking distance. To those that refuse to give up their cars they will make fossil fuels impossibly expensive, while passing laws to force them into electric cars, limiting the distance they can travel. They will monitor everywhere they go with EZ Pass, and mileage taxation made possible by GPS tracking. They will triple or even quadruple electric bills. A population without the funds and means to travel is so much easier to control.

Identity politics is never about identity. America is the land of opportunity and the poor performance of Blacks economically and educationally is more about culture and the welfare state incentivizing non-work and stifling ambition, than any kind of racial animus. The war against police is about reversing the gains made in the fight against crime because the Democrats can’t let that happen. Any electoral chance they have depends almost exclusively on keeping blacks and other minorities voting Democrat at better than 90% in perpetuity. If minorities move out of the ghetto and realize how the Democrats have destroyed their lives and prospects, they will no longer vote for them.

Hundred-year-old statues of dead Democrats, erected by dead Democrats in protest of racial equality, never killed a black man in the projects. Sadly, statistically it is more than likely, it was another black man who did. Stop that and the Democrats’ hold on the black vote will be weakened. That is how you get: “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot.” That’s how we got Barack Obama as president, who spent his eight allotted years creating as much racial tension as was possible.

To the Democrats, the “Ferguson Effect,” is a good thing. The result will be more crime in minority areas and that’s good for getting out the Democrat vote. The fact that it costs lives is immaterial. If thousands of more young black men have to die to guarantee perpetual progressive governance then that is a small price to pay for the Democrats.

Critical Race Theory with its concentration on “white privilege,” institutional racism, and the multidimensionality of oppression, as well as Implicit Bias, and the theory that equality of results is more important than equal opportunity are all significantly effective tools at stoking racial resentment to increase votes for Democrats. The key is to convince minorities that they are always oppressed despite any success they might have -- and to convince whites that they are somehow at fault for this and must vote Democrat to atone.

The smothering of conservative thought on our campuses and through media shaming is another very effective tool. If you want people to believe in a bankrupt orthodoxy, you have a better shot if you start training them when they are still young, instead of waiting until they are older and harder to brainwash. Of course, full control of academia is necessary and they already have that.

Media in America was never the epitome of “fair and balanced.” Yet, there was a time when media at least maintained the facade of fairness. Today that is no longer true. For the eight long years of Barack Obama’s royal reign, the media was on its knees, the customary position of fealty and obeisance, praying to the man who was going to halt the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.

Today the members of the media aren’t even embarrassed that they have allowed themselves to become an arm of the Democratic Party. They lie in wait for any non-Democrat to say the wrong thing so they can be publicly shamed and driven out of any position of power they might have.

Barack Obama could have micturated upon the steps of the White House and the media would have universally exclaimed it was a daring, provocative expression of equality and the rights of all men, while the effusion would be kept on display in the Smithsonian visited by schoolchildren from all over the world. Donald Trump, however, could cure cancer and the headline would read “Millions Die before Trump Acts.”

Having the media in your pocket is good for getting your message out and the Democrats use it extensively to further their goal of full control.

The Democrats believe every elected official who is not a Democrat is illegitimate and they want to rectify that. The recent Supreme Court case about gerrymandering, Gill v. Whitford, is not about gerrymandering, it is about guaranteeing Democrats a chance to win in every election not just on the coasts where they have huge registration advantages. They plan to use the pseudo-science of the “Efficiency Gap” to do so. Note that the Democrats had no problem with gerrymandering when they controlled most of the state houses, but now, with Barack Obama having devastated the Democratic Party and the Republicans controlling most of the state houses it’s suddenly unfair.

Nicholas Stephanopoulos explains the “Efficiency Gap” this way:

“The efficiency gap is simply the difference between the parties’ respective wasted votes in an election, divided by the total number of votes cast. Wasted votes are ballots that don’t contribute to victory for candidates, and they come in two forms: lost votes cast for candidates who are defeated, and surplus votes cast for winning candidates but in excess of what they needed to prevail. When a party gerrymanders a state, it tries to maximize the wasted votes for the opposing party while minimizing its own, thus producing a large efficiency gap. In a state with perfect partisan symmetry, both parties would have the same number of wasted votes.”

By using the efficiency gap to determine districts, parties would win close to the number of legislative seats in proportion to the total votes received by each party in the entire state. In this way, the Democrats can guarantee that they have a better chance of winning in every election in every district in America.

Controlling the economy is a little bit harder. Capitalism is the truest form of freedom and if people were truly free, they would reject the progressive message. Barack Obama did his best with countless regulations and anti-business executive orders. He couldn’t try too hard, however, because if he killed the golden goose there would not be any money to reward friends, cronies, and members of the elite who have the right opinions on progressive policies. That’s another benefit of progressive governance; those who are in on the game and think the right way will be rewarded.

ObamaCare was never about healthcare; it was about controlling a large part the economy while also dictating to the people what healthcare they were allowed to have.

If all this leaves nothing for the rest of us who don’t believe, it is a small price to pay for progressive control -- and, we better like it because if we don’t, they will take away what we have left.  

Make no mistake, if you think you should be able to live where you want, or drive where you want, or own the car you want, or say what you want, or believe in God, or think for yourself, or simply want to live safe in a free country while being your own person, the Democrats are coming for you.

We either rise up now and fight back, or the war will be lost, and the future described above will be all we have to look forward to. 

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