Democrats Are Fine with Catholics as Long as They Aren't Catholic

“In today’s GOP, claiming that American Muslims don’t deserve equal rights has become so normal that prominent Republicans no longer object.” So goes the daunting thesis of Peter Beinart’s piece published on September 28th in the Atlantic. Zuhdi Jasser and the other 17% of Muslims who self-affiliate as Republican might disagree with this notion, but they would only be making anecdotal arguments. Beinart, however, has the rock-solid evidence to support his dramatic claim: over ten years ago, Alabama Judge Roy Moore suggested that Keith Ellison was not fit to be seated in Congress because of his adherence to Islamic doctrine, yet few prominent Republicans have disavowed his decade-old statement (even after Judge Moore’s highly publicized victory last week). If we are to accept Beinart’s verdict that Republicans have a Muslim problem, by his logic, we may have to contend that Democrats have a Catholic problem. An situation eerily similar to...(Read Full Article)