Corruption Is the Fruit of a Biased Media

I recall a friendly conversation with a colleague about bias in the mainstream media circa 2002. The discussion revolved around which news agencies were furthest from the political center. At that time, our consensus was that most broadcast and cable news outlets leaned left, but not as much as Fox News Channel leaned right. FNC became very successful showcasing biased opinions in addition to news reporting. It created a trend for all to emulate and a stigma for FNC. This stigma has stuck with them through the years and facilitated incessant marginalization rhetoric by an increasingly leftward biased mainstream media.

Fast forward to 2017, when any claim by the mainstream media to be anywhere near the center is utterly ridiculous. The MSM networks have arguably allowed themselves to swing further left than FNC is right. CNN is the best example of a hard ideological transformation to the far left. The damage this leftward lurch is causing is on display right now in a climate of bitter division. Whether their leftward creep was due to the pursuit of ratings or their executives being lefty loons, the end result could be the eventual disassembly of this experiment in self-governance. We are supposed to be a nation of laws and we witnessed egregious lawlessness throughout the federal government during the last administration, and few on the left and in the center even know about it. The unbalanced media complex is the lethal enabler of this lawlessness. The emerging Uranium One bombshell will make this abundantly clear in the coming weeks and months.

It is difficult to wrap one’s head around the implications of what could happen if this Uranium One FBI informant survives long enough to tell his story to the various congressional committees. It has the potential to explode into the biggest story of political corruption in U.S. history. Sadly, it will have occurred directly under the noses of a fawning left-wing media whose love affair with Obama and pushing the left’s political agenda superseded the responsibility of the free media to hold their elected officials accountable. Peter Schweizer laid out the case for this entire Uranium One scenario during the presidential campaign and it got mostly yawns from the MSM. They were too busy promoting Trump to the top of the GOP ranks since he appeared to be the easiest Republican candidate for Hillary to beat in the general election.

The fact that the vast majority of the MSM is dominated by the left creates a normalization of their opinions and a marginalization effect for the right. Conservatives and right-leaning people have found themselves become more reserved in their daily lives and less likely to speak freely. I’ve grown tired of my own silence and the silence of those who agree with me. You’d never know there is opposition to so many of the social justice battles going on right now if it weren’t for the results of the presidential election. You can’t pin this result on racism, sexism, xenophobia, or any other ‘ism. There’s a massive disconnect in the media’s perception of what people think and what people really think about the left’s politics of division on every possible socioeconomic group. This disconnect should frighten us all very deeply.

The growing self-righteous entitlement to circumvention of law on the left is shocking. It appears to be part of the calculation of the political left to venture into dubious areas because they know the adoring media will look the other way and even write off right-media reporting as conspiracy theories. Conversely, no sane Republican believes they might get away with something illegal. That’s the primary reason why I don’t fear a Donald Trump presidency. He has a zero percent chance of getting away with anything illegal or underhanded. The media’s determination to smoke out any wrongdoing seems pretty clear. This of course, makes the Russian collusion media failure even more pathetic.

A lot has been said and written about a directionless Democratic Party. In this void of leadership, it is my observation that the media itself has taken over the narrative of the left, and Democratic politicians are just following the lead. You can’t even call the mainstream media an arm of the Democratic Party anymore. Have they morphed into the head? This was not the intention of the framers.

It is human nature to try to get away with whatever you’re able or whatever your conscience can handle. The lack of accountability for the political left is beyond alarming. It is not at all surprising the level of corruption that is coming to light now. With these types of ideologues, the ends clearly justified the means. The corruption of the Clintons, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, the FBI, and Barack Obama was not only enabled by a vacuum of accountability created by the biased mainstream media. They were, by design, allowed to flourish with impunity in hopes of achieving the fundamental transformation Obama was aiming for.

More must be done to expose and reject media bias, and I’m not talking about enhancements to the Newsbusters website. I urge right-leaning people to have the courage to speak up and engage the uninformed, echo-chamber zombies with logic and thoughtful discourse. If we allow the marginalization of traditional values and opinions through our collective silence, then we are complicit in our own demise.

It was by the grace of God that the American people rose up to thwart the left from continuing their march of American decline despite the attempts by the previous administration to obfuscate the truth about the most corrupt politician in generations. It is my hope that the forthcoming revelations of Uranium One and Fusion GPS will continue to wake up reasonable people across the political spectrum and expose the real dangers to our blessed nation by a mainstream media that has completely sold out for one side of the political argument. 

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