Addictions: Sex, Alcohol, and Marijuana

Michelle Malkin has just published an exposé of child porn photographer Terry Richardson.  This is an important exposé of the creeping (and creepy) child endangerment racket sponsored by advertisers, fashion industry powers, and the celebrity culture.

The fashion corporation Condé Nast has knowingly employed child porn photographer Terry Richardson and spread his child-endangering photos to many millions of people, including an unknown number of gullible children. 

The mass media now show clear signs of creeping child porn, often with hints and deniable photos, including the web landing pages of major corporations. 

By normalizing the sexual exploitation of children who are much too young to make responsible decisions – it's hard enough for grown-ups – the mass media have been infiltrated by the illegal child porn racket.

It is relevant that Islam sometimes legitimizes adult males having sex with children of a lower-caste tribe, although it is strictly prohibited within the traditional Muslim family.  As a family-based culture, tribal Islam makes a major distinction between politically powerful families and powerless or infidel families.  In Afghanistan, the exploitation of young boys from low-prestige tribal families may be celebrated, but powerful families will also "honor-kill" daughters who are seduced by strangers.

From psychiatrist friends, I understand that prematurely sexualized children may be developmentally endangered.  As children, they are easily manipulated and abused, sometimes with the criminal collusion of parents and guardians.  The result can be a lifelong risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal behavior, among other major disorders.  The ability to become attached to other adults in normal love and marriage relationships can also be badly affected. 

Sexually abused children can also become abusers themselves, and psychoanalysts have long believed that they are psychologically endangered for life.  High risk for suicide is also associated with a history of sexual abuse in childhood.

In a period of widespread sexual escalation, "transgressive sexuality" and "transgressive violence" have become more and more normalized via the mass media.  I believe that the mass media constitute an increasing threat to normal child-raising and education.

The traditional legal age of consent for intercourse is meant to protect children until they can make an informed choice. Hypersexuality is now so endemic in the corrupt "Frankfurt School" culture, combined with the breakup of family protection, that young children are being "asked" to decide on their sexes.  This is plain abuse of the very limited understanding children have about sexuality.  Adults, including trained psychiatrists, still have a limited understanding of human sexuality. Young children are extremely vulnerable.

Facebook is now said to provide 72 different gender categories for its customers, including underage children who have no conception of the obsessive, compulsive, exploitive, and sometimes violent nature of adult sexuality.  Everything is rationalized as "love," but human beings have always shown a wild and dangerous variety of sexualities.

At the end of his term, Barack Hussein Obama openly ordered that local school districts around the country abandon their traditional "boys" and "girls" bathrooms.  Obama's executive order was a plainly unconstitutional and illegal abuse of power, and school districts that obeyed his edict should be held criminally liable. 

There are reports that Obama himself may be addicted to hypersexuality, traditionally considered a danger to normal child-raising and education.  We make no judgment about the accuracy of those reports.

The attempt to choose one's gender is fraught with dangerous consequences, ranging from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), which is endemic in modern culture, to high mortality and morbidity in sexually transmitted diseases.  The rise in reports of sexual slavery is also closely linked to this grossly irresponsible and traditionally criminal behavior.

Sexual abuse of children and ignorant and innocent young people has become "normalized" in our culture, as celebrities and power-abusers are being outed one after another.  Sexual exploitation correlates with the abuse of drugs, itself able to create entire generations of misery.  It should be noted that many adults are genetically vulnerable to alcohol addiction, which has long been a source of suffering and misery in European and Asian populations that carry the vulnerability gene.

The legalization of the selectively toxic component of marijuana, THC, is closely related.  The mass media promote both ignorance and a false sense of security about drugs of abuse.  Alcohol and marijuana can be used safely, but genetic vulnerabilities to those substances continue to destroy lives.  In Russia, where alcohol abuse is rife, the average male life expectancy is only 50 years, 25 years less than in other industrial countries.  The toll of family violence and many other dysfunctional behaviors cannot be counted. 

The full marijuana plant has more than 80 known phytocannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the largest in quantity.  In teenage boys, THC has long been believed to trigger psychotic breaks, which then can lead to lifelong histories of psychosis.  I had a highly intelligent teenage friend who took all the illegal drugs available.  He has been periodically hospitalized for psychotic breaks since his teenage years and has never recovered fully.  He is unable to speak coherently.  A great talent and a potentially happy life were completely lost, and a lot of human potential was wasted.

This link to the free biomedical abstract database shows 35 peer-reviewed journal abstracts on THC toxicity in triggering psychotic breaks, especially in teenagers.

Marijuana growers have consistently increased the hallucinogenic THC component of plant marijuana over decades.  As a result, nobody knows whether he is smoking high-THC or low-THC marijuana in "natural" form.  Highly bred marijuana is no longer "natural," any more than highly bred miniature terriers are natural dogs. 

The second most common ingredient in wild marijuana is called cannabidiol (CBD), and it has highly promising health effects.  Most marijuana users have no scientific understanding of these points at all, but they are easy to read about in sources like Wikipedia. 

Bottom line: THC can cause psychosis, especially in genetically vulnerable teenagers, males more than females.  CBD appears to be safe and beneficial, but it is not hallucinogenic. 

In addition, any inhaled burned plant is carcinogenic to the lungs.  You could smoke toilet paper or plain wood and it would still harm your lungs.  For that reason, the use of bongs or "vaping" is a far safer way to take in tobacco or marijuana than are joints or cigarettes.  Burned carbon products of any kind pose a risk of lung cancer. 

In synthetic form, THC is demonstrably dangerous in triggering psychotic episodes, but in smaller doses and mixed with other phytocannabinoids like CBD, it may be more tolerable.  But I would not bet my life on it. 

The endocannabinoid system (the natural network of cannabis-like neural messengers and receptors) is complex and incompletely understood.  Like the endogenous opioid system, it has major benefits as well as risks.  People who use marijuana should understand the major differences among

  1. endocannabinoids (which are endogenous to the normal body),
  1. phytocannabinioids (from plant sources, which often include a range of toxic and beneficial molecules), and
  1. especially bred high-THC and low-CBD varieties of the marijuana, which is still called "marijuana" by sellers but may be toxic to vulnerable people.

These are all basic concepts.  They should be taught in elementary schools.

Marijuana is directly analogous to opium, brewed alcohol, and the coca plant.  All plant products are complex.  When humans refine or synthesize the plant molecules, the molecules are often toxic, especially at unnatural dosages, and in purer form, and for people with genetic vulnerabilities.  If you know any alcoholics, chances are that they carry the gene.

I have no doubt whatever that most media people are just as deeply into drugs, natural and artificial ones, as the rest of the trendy pop culture.  When they promote "safe" drugs, they are simply rationalizing their own destructive habits.  They may not understand that there are much more vulnerable populations for most psychoactive molecules, as we keep on finding out.

The bottom line is this: remember all those liberal fads?  Well, don't believe a word of them.  These people are deluded, and they run the mass media that can turn entire nations into destructive cults.

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