The Eye of the Storm

Ben Franklin is quoted as saying to the Constitutional Convention in June of 1787:

“I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth -- that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?”

The storm in Texas was lethal and destructive in countless ways. The misery, death, and devastation was on display for a week. Nothing can be said to ease the pain of those who suffered, and are suffering through this time. The ongoing storm of Irma will have its own unique destructiveness.

In these storms, there are several phenomena that come as a surprise to us all. Phenomena that hinted at what Ben Franklin had said long ago. What I’m pointing to is what the people in Houston, in their courageous reaction, did for the rest of America.

The first thing they showed us was simple bravery by being heroes amid the strife. Rather than play the victim, the people of Houston rose up and gave America thousands of examples of valor. They saved their families and reached en masse to help their neighbors, as well as to people they didn’t even know. The display of unity amidst struggle for survival was awesome.

People from all over flocked to the area to help. They brought boats, wave runners, monster trucks, supplies. And they were ingenious in their actions -- witness what was called the Cajun Navy saving and helping any way they could. The response of everyday Americans was epic. A marvel to behold.

Another marvel:  government leaders saw the magnitude of the problem before it happened. Trump and the governors colluded early, before the storms hit land, warning people and setting disaster actions in motion. Trump simply did what he learned as a builder:  see the problem, and work to find the best solutions to get the best outcome possible in the face of the destructiveness.

Our clueless, leftist attack-dog media, still trying to delegitimize everything and anything Trump does, tried their normative multiple assaults. How dare Melania wear heels! Oops, she emerged from the plane in sneakers. Trump just isn’t compassionate enough in his response! Oops, he personally donated one million dollars, then went down into the heart of destruction. He and Melania met with thousands of the most destitute and handed out meals at soup kitchens. The media tried to say Trump went down too early and caused chaos. Except chaos didn’t happen. And America watched as poor, black, brown, and white victims all responded to his personal touch. And they loved it.

Then they tried blaming it on climate change. The exchange between poor Chris (Fredo?) Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway was a beat down, the woman scoring a TKO as he tried to make something, anything, work as a narrative to hurt the Trump administration. Poor Fredo -- Kellyanne just calmly, and icily pushed him into the boat.

Having failed at trying to show Trump as incompetent and out of touch, they turned to his “cruelty” for sending Obama’s DACA mess to Congress. Good luck media. In the eye of the storm, too many of the American people saw media pettiness. Too many people saw their nastiness. Their narrative was blown up as image after image crossed into the collective psyche of America. Blacks and whites helping each other in misery? Cut to another scene! The Cajun Navy? Cut! What to do… let’s ambush Kellyanne! Oops.

I think their petulant attempts at anti-Trump storm coverage is what’s known as an epic fail.

Does anyone doubt our “unbiased” leftist media will rerun the same lame, awful attempts to slam Trump as Irma spends itself?  Whatever the damage, and the suffering, they will use the same overused, overplayed, over the top “Trump is awful, incompetent, cruel, and satanic.” card. A finer example of projection on the part of the leftist media is simply not possible.

Returning to Franklin’s quote, we are seeing something extraordinary happen right now. We are watching a subtle turn in history. It is barely visible, hard to notice, but it’s happening in the eye of these storms. And please do not think that I am suggesting God is sending these storms to prove something, or punish someone. I’ll leave that to the brilliance of leftists to advocate.

Examples of what I’m saying:

 Before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Trump’s approval ratings had jumped toward 50%. Consider what that means. Trump has had the entire mainstream media colluding to drive him from office since election night. To destroy him, to not give him a shred of humanity, decency, or credit for anything. It had been done to a degree before, on both Bush presidencies, and on Sarah Palin (to her credit, she solidly soldiers on, unbroken). But we’ve seldom seen this kind of nastiness turned on to one human being for this long, with this kind of intensity.

  1. The leftist media insanity is now being ignored by far more than half of America, the media literally destroying their own credibility for a generation.
  2. The deep state is looking ridiculous. Comey has been outed as a liar and a hack, and Mueller is continuing to make a fool of himself, managing to spend an unlimited budget to investigate nothing.
  3. The Democratic Party is lost in a wilderness of obstructionism, hate, and violence.
  4. The Republican Party is lost in the combination of corruption of kotowing to its donors, its own lies, its ineptness, and its problem with Stockholm Syndrome.

After all this, Trump’s base is solid, and he is gaining support. America is living through the storm season, will rebuild, and wants the opportunity to move into a new and better time. Trump has now shown he will triangulate (debt ceiling). He is stepping up pressure to pass the economic program he has proposed now. As suggested above, the media and the deep state are deteriorating in their ability to beat Trump. It’s likely the Republicans may finally realize they will destroy their party (and their own jobs) if they don’t respond. A few in the Democratic party will likely break ranks in support as well. Even they might see the writing on the wall and want to try to get some credit.

History is being turned, something new is unfolding before our eyes. Whether you see this as God’s unfathomable nudging, or just another historical change, it’s been and is a unique and tumultuous time.  So many things have been rolled on their heads during the past year. 

We live in interesting times. For conservatives, there is an opportunity to occupy this new eye of the political storm. A void has opened to reinsert freedom’s principles, and it can be exploited with boldness.

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