Master of the Twitter Universe

What do a retweet of a billion-dollar presidential golf swing hitting a hole-in-one into the back of a former presidential Democrat candidate, the new name poetically given to a crazed lunatic who has a fetish for shooting off misguided rockets, and a March 4th claim of “wiretapping” in Trump Tower that took seven months to be proven true, all have in common? President Donald J. Trump‘s magnificent way of communicating to the American people and the world instantaneously -- tweeting.

What Twitter is for President Trump in 2017, Facebook was for former President Obama in 2008.

There has been much said about President Trump's Twitter activity and the content thereof, and the discussions have centered on whether tweeting is fittingly "presidential". As to that, I ask "may I see the Presidential Behavior Manual?” Should he hire someone to tweet for him? Or do we suggest the extreme of taking away the President's First Amendment constitutional right to freedom of speech, i.e., banning him from Twitter altogether? Even as you read this, the media, particularly the Left, is having panel discussions and town hall meetings about the President telling the American people the truth about events in his own characteristic form of expression -- blunt, direct, and to the point -- yet all of his tweets will be revealed as truth when the smoke clears.

Folks, it's a brave new world and there are some who just don't want to embrace it.

But let's do some compare and contrast, shall we?

Back in 2008, a skinny no-name dude came out of nowhere and captured the attention of the American people. That skinny dude was Barack Hussein Obama. And how did he captivate the country, particularly millennials? Through social media -- specifically Facebook.

The Republicans and their candidate, John McCain, were completely caught off guard and could not match Obama's pace on social media. By the time they realized what hit them, Obama had already won the election and Republicans were fuming, thinking that he and the Democrats had played dirty tricks when in reality their failure to reach the American people was due to their own lack of innovation, among other things. In realizing the success and power of social media and how great it was as a propaganda tool, Obama completely prostituted Mark Zuckerberg's creation.

Literally spreading lies and propaganda through social media, Obama was able to mesmerize and confuse millennials and others who believed that he was hip and in tune with the American people and leading them to greener pastures. From ObamaCare, to the Iran deal, to trivial things like what he was feeding his dog, social media became a huge part of Barack Obama's newspeak to America and the world. Think back to when the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriages - the White House Facebook page had an avatar photo of the White House in the rainbow gay colors... how's that for a Newspeak?! Yet nobody questioned or challenged his access or content.

Now fast forward to 2016. When the presidential election was heating up, Donald J. Trump used Twitter as his bullhorn. Free access, free rein, and rapid-fire comments that shocked the world and the Democrat party as well as some Republicans. Just as Obama was ahead of McCain in 2008 with Facebook, Trump outpaced Obama and Hillary when it came to Twitter. Twitter was the one social media network that Obama had never used. And when Obama tried to catch up with Twitter, he ended up making himself look like a fool. Does anyone remember when he was on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" late-night show and he was answering a tweet from then candidate Donald Trump? Trump tweeted that "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst President in American history". And Obama replied unwittingly and arrogantly with "at least I will go down as a president". Little did he know Trump would soon succeed him. Karma is (t)weet!

But the platform for communication aside, what of the content of the communiqués? Simply put, while 9 times out of 10 the propaganda that Obama posted on social media was complete and utter lies, thus far 100% of the information that President Trump has placed on Twitter has been truthful and accurate.

And therein lies the problem.

It's not a problem for the media and the Democrats that President Donald Trump is using Twitter. The problem is that he's using Twitter without going through the media. The media has always been the newspeak propaganda machine for the Democrats, and the media has always been at the forefront of disseminating that information. Yet now America has a President who doesn't need the media nor cares for the media, so he uses a brilliant medium to speak directly to each and every individual connected to the internet across America and the world. President Donald Trump is a 71-year-old businessman whose personality is solidified, so the way he communicates on social media is going to reflect that personality -- blunt, sharp, to the point -- and you're not going to change that in a 71-year-old man. The best thing to do for those in America and around the world who don't like it is to just accept it for the next 7+ years. Because believe you me, he's going to win reelection -- and he'll tweet about that too!