London Update: West to Blame for Islamic Terrorism

Generic terrorism struck again in London last Friday. That’s what it always is initially -- an act of terrorism without specific cause. It’s the etiquette. As if London’s tube bombing could possibly have been done by a rogue Anglican. What are the Vegas odds on that?

Then ISIS took credit. But no admission by pols and elites on either side of the pond that Islamic terrorists acted to kill, obedient to their faith. The narrative must remain chaste: Islam’s basic tenets couldn’t possibly be the motivation. Maiming and killing innocents (or in the parlance, infidels) is filed under “other” causes.

As recently as Monday, Reuters was cryptic about the bombing’s cause and its perpetrators. Under the headline, “British police arrest second man over London train bomb,” this:

"It is inevitable that so-called Islamic State, or Daesh, will reach in and try to claim responsibility. We have no evidence to suggest that yet,” [British Interior Minister Amber] Rudd told the BBC.

But then Rudd tipped her hand:

“But as this unfolds, and as the police do their investigations, we will make sure that we find out exactly how he [the first suspect] was radicalized, if we can.” [Italics added]

The radicalized Catholic? Jew? Atheist? Ariana Grande fan?

Reuters won’t even hint at the identities of the nabbed suspects, though the first is rumored to be Iraqi. An ongoing police investigation and all that. So much for scoops.

Mentioned at Reuters, but elaborated on in Monday’s "Counter Jihad Report", this wrinkle to Friday’s train bombing:

Last decade, Ronald and Penelope Jones were being feted for their work as foster parents. Now their suburban Surrey home was raided in an investigation into the train bombing in London.

The Joneses had won praise for fostering hundreds of children. But their growing interest in taking in refugees from Muslim countries turned their pleasant home with its wooden fences and green backyard into a ticking time bomb.

Seems that many of the children that the Jones’ sheltered were, in fact, young men who passed themselves off as boys. Or so goes the story. More needs to be learned about the Jones couple. Were they well-meaning dupes or somehow complicit? 

But let’s go with the story. Let’s say the Ronald and Penelope were naïve, but well-intentioned, dunderheads. As the "Counter Jihad Report" asserts:

The couple became interested in fostering “refugees” when the media barraged helpless listeners with sob stories of Syrian suffering.

There you go. A fruit of failing to name and explain the nature of Islamic militancy and its menace to the West: fuzzy-brained do-gooders facilitating terror acts from their home.  

The establishment narrative continues to dictate that the terrorist is a “lone-wolf” -- a social misfit on par with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The Birmingham concert massacre could well be Columbine High. Unfortunate and criminal, but it reveals societal pathologies -- not asymmetric warfare. Highly irregular warfare, the intent being to demoralize the citizenry, breaking down their will over time to not just resist Islam’s advance, but defeat it.       

But every former goatherder and his brother living in London’s Muslim neighborhoods knew the truth immediately on Friday. Every non-Muslim Brit knew it, too. Ruling PC, however, forbids public acknowledgement. Doing so means near-instant castigation. If you’re high enough up the food chain, what ensues are mockery, character assassination, ostracization – and, if the powers-that-be can get you -- loss of job. In the U.K., Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage are rare birds. Most everyone else must submit to grotesque denial and the torturing of the truth.

This decadent, truth-denying approach to the Islamic fundamentalist assault on the West isn’t a passing moment. It’s revealing. And deeply troubling. It’s the outgrowth of decades of intellectual and moral decay. The result is a spreading cultural squalor. And it’s quite intentional. It erodes, bit by bit, societal bedrock. It challenges and demeans time-tested principles. It derides virtues, common sense, enlightened self-interest (individual and communal). It slanders national interest. Protecting a society’s core beliefs and values from alien and opposing beliefs and value systems is bigoted -- or “racist,” to use the all-purpose smear.

Western intellectuals and academics have been and are the driving force in this generations-long campaign to destroy Western Civilization. Islam -- specifically, the millions of Muslims that now live in Western Europe -- is a Trojan Horse. It’s a Trojan Horse not of an external enemy’s making, but built by Westerners who loathe their own societies.  

Post WWII, Muslims came first to Western Europe at the invitation of governments. The need was cheap labor. Two great wars had killed tens of millions of Europeans. Prior to WWI, birthrates were dropping throughout Europe’s affluent countries. They continued to do so

Over time, what was a practical move was seized upon by the anti-Western left. The growing masses of Muslims in Western Europe came to be regarded as a weapon.

The collection that makes up the antis -- progressives, statists, atheists, nihilists, or some combination -- recognized in Islam valuable hostile elements, useful in laying low the West.

The West’s own haters are responsible for Ronald and Penelope Jones -- and Lord knows, countless other dupes, high and low. The facile-minded and, thus, vulnerable, who’ve bought that Western commitments to tolerance, fairness, equal rights, and inclusion mean Muslims have automatic places at the table. Not just Muslims, mind you, that reciprocate and seek true assimilation -- they’re a minority. But any Muslim, because the root cause of “terrorism” can’t be an ideo-religion and its tens of millions of fervent adherents.  

That’s led to the fantasy indulgence of Western Europe’s establishments (and here, too) that given time, Muslims will assimilate into Western societies. Merkel, Macron, and May are poster children for this make-believe. Add clerics, like Pope Francis.

Decent-paying jobs, Xbox, and rubbing elbows with Hindus, Christians, and atheists in daily life will pacify Muslims. Muslim killer bees mating with Western honey bees will eventually produce drones. The affectations of Islam will remain, but harder, aggressive, deadlier aspects of the faith with vanish. Peace, love, and harmony will hold sway.

But this conviction underestimates, if not demeans, the power of religion. Materialism and godlessness may be the ways for modern Western progressives, but not for billions of people of various faiths worldwide. It certainly isn’t for Muslims, who take the tenets of their religion seriously -- as in soul-savingly serious… as in heaven or hell serious.

It evades the history of Islam -- right into modern times. The rationalizations can’t alter the facts. Islam has expanded through Al Hijra -- conquest via migration. And, not incidentally, through the sword, through conquest. Violence, killing, and submission or death are intrinsic to Islam’s growth. Mohammed was a warrior, and not in the Salvation Army way.

Mohammed invented the rationale for the violence and bloodshed endemic through Islam’s long history… for the bloodshed committed in the name of Allah across the globe today. Ask Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia about the “Religion of Peace.” As of September, 2015, the Gatestone Institute estimated that “One Christian [is] Slaughtered Every Five Minutes” … by Muslims.        

Western Europe’s future is dark – unless clear-sighted, courageous leaders are lifted up by its peoples. Leaders with the courage to speak the truth, and the resolve to remove the menace from their midst.    

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