Hugh Hefner and Leftist Hypocrisy

The left has no values.  Indeed, the left abhors values.  It loves only power and the pain it can inflict upon those who embrace morality, honesty, and faith.  Hugh Hefner is a perfect example of macabre perversion.

Hefner made pornography popular among middle class America.  Young men have always been sexually attracted to pretty young women.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  The fulfillment of that love has been through a process of courtship, marriage, and that wonderful romantic love between two newlyweds.  Of course, the passions of the young often shortcut the process, and quick weddings have always been with us.

Hefner and Playboy short-circuited that process by giving young men images of female beauty in the most sexually desirable poses so that the expectations of these young men rose to unrealistic heights, and young women found themselves competing with the centerfold showing graphically what beautiful bodies taken by expert photographers and make-up artists could do.

The lives of many of these former playmates have been traumatic.  Some have committed suicide; some have found out that Playboy treats these young women as high-class prostitutes; some have clung desperately onto their transitory beauty in lieu of a normal, happy marriage.

Leftists who disingenuously profess to champion the exploited conspicuously ignore these pornographers, who savage young lives and watch without caring as Playmates kill themselves and as wholesome romantic love is replaced by "hooking up" and other forms of casual, indifferent, loveless sex, which leads the wretched young who embrace this pathological behavior into different realms of Hell.

So how has the left reacted to the explosion of pornography?  It has produced and celebrated a film defending the most revolting of pornographers, Larry Flynt, as if he were a hero.  The left has defended the right to produce pornography every time conservatives have tried to control it, to reject the left's description of prostitution as a "victimless crime" and to urge abstinence for young people until they are married.

The left does not care that these women and men who utterly disconnect domestic love from sexual relations are condemning these young people to a live of emptiness and despair.  Indeed, that is precisely what the left wants:  hopeless, lonely lives that can find solace only in all the horrid and hateful "causes" of the left.

Orwell saw this well.  Make everyone a pathetic, helpless atom bound desperately to the false love of Big Brother.  Chop the connection between love and sexual relations so that every act of sex is drained of all real meaning and replaced by some hideous sense of duty to the state or society or the movement.  Orwell's nightmare has become a grim fact of modern life.  Young people do not, of course, yet have sex simply as a duty to the state, but that will surely come.

Children are being born more and more into fatherless homes in which the children are damned to poverty; valueless lives; and, most of all, the absence of the indispensable father.  These children will become psychically deformed monsters, hunting desperately with crime, drugs, and sex those missing parts of their crippled lives. 

Hugh Hefner helped this by making loveless sex, unbridled lust, and valueless lives a part of mainstream life in America.  It should be no surprise that Hefner himself was a leftist.  Indeed, virtually all the grand pornographers of our time are leftists, thoughtlessly destroying the lives of their models and pornographic film stars.  They are leftists defended by other leftists.

The hypocrisy of the left sometimes rises to levels almost surreal.  So the left protests efforts to resist the nightmare that is Islam despite the fact that Islam exploits, mutilates, and oppresses women much worse than the Christians and Jews of America.  So the left encourages the most casual sex conceivable on campuses, though the left itself claims there is an epidemic of rape on campuses – probably another leftist lie.  So the left supported Hugh Hefner's empire of explicit lust, with all the physical details there for the whole world to view. 

How many lives did he destroy?  How many lives could the left have saved by joining with conservatives to control the filth and scum Hefner slopped upon our land?  We can ask and wonder, but the left never gives it a thought.  The left panders to every vice, corrupts every virtue, and does anything it can to seize and hold power.

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