Hillary Practices Alternate Reality Thinking

Hillary Clinton has recently been a strong proponent of something she called Alternate Nostril Breathing (I’m not curious).  But I think the technique she has really been advocating her whole life could better be described as Alternate Reality Thinking. 

Since the days of her youth, when the Goldwater Girl decided to do a complete 180 and start calling up, down, black, white, and most importantly, evil, good, Mrs. Clinton has since then been a cultural warrior who never saw a traditional American value she didn’t want to smash.  Or should I say Christian value.  As with Karl Marx himself (and young Hillary’s mentor Saul Alinsky), the real enemy was always Christianity and the church.

She attacked the America of white picket fences and Ozzie and Harriet with a vengeance, in the literal sense.  Dedicated leftists nearly always project the deep anger inside them from personal childhood wounds onto the chosen target, Christian Americans, who represent in their subconscious whoever wounded them, often a family member.  The first public clue to Miss Rodham’s new mission in life was the occasion of her speech at her Wellesley commencement ceremony.  

Hillary Clinton, 1969, from Life Magazine, following her commencement speech attacking Sen. Brooke

Hillary used the public platform to attack the college’s honored guest, Senator Edward Brooke from Massachusetts, the first black senator elected since Reconstruction, for the cultural crime of having an ‘R’ after his name.  Already consumed by the delusion of her Alternate Reality, Ms. Rodham demonstrated that she believed such things as common courtesy didn’t apply to her.  Sen. Brooke was a Republican, therefore he must be destroyed.  

On to law school where she made the business-like decision to hitch her wagon to a rising star named William J. Clinton.  A girl grounded in reality would have seen him for what he was -- a cad, who could never, ever be faithful to her.  Hillary’s Alternate Reality view saw him as a ticket to stardom for herself.  He was clearly going to go far in politics, and she could go along for the ride.  He was likeable, she was not, therefore he would serve as the surrogate she needed to propel her rise to the top.  Bimbo eruptions were no problem, as long as they could be kept secret so as to not embarrass her. 

From here, the scandals are too numerous to mention, beginning with getting fired from the Watergate legal team for unethical behavior.  In the Alternate Reality world of the extreme left, it doesn’t matter how many rules you violate or how many laws you break in the pursuit of a worthy cause such as bagging a long-time enemy of the left, Richard Nixon.  The trick is in not getting caught.  Hillary was never that good at not getting caught.  Instead of some elaborate cover-up scheme, she would simply ‘lose’ the Rose law firm files or misplace the FBI confidential reports on political opponents. 

She would pretend that it made no difference that her malicious placing of politics over the security of State Department employees cost the lives of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  She exposed top secret classified information on an unprotected server, low-hanging fruit for any hacker, state-supported or not, and then pretended to be too unsophisticated about computers to understand what she had done.  “Wipe them, you mean like with a cloth?”

In a strange way, it has worked for her, propelling her almost all the way to the top.  Partly because the media covered for her, as they do all left-wing Democrats.  Partly because those in a position to publicly expose her nefarious deeds were too afraid, or too dead, to do so.

But I think there’s also another reason.  Alternate Reality thinking has always had an appeal to a certain segment of the population.  It’s a siren song that appeals to anyone who wants to project anger and hurt from deep emotional wounds onto a Pretend Enemy.  It appeals to those who like seeing themselves as part of an elite, the Vanguard of the Proletariat, who lead the way for those simple folks who are not capable of being  ‘intellectuals,’ as the leftist elitists imagine themselves  to be.  

And finally, it entraps those who dabble too much in it.  After a while, they think their bizarre world is really real, that marriage can be between any two animate or inanimate objects, that crushing free speech is really opposing fascism.  That evil really is good.  The Alternate Reality universe that first seemed so appealing weaves a web of lies to self and others that entraps the casual visitor.  So that when everything comes crashing down, as it usually does, the occupant of the Alternate Reality web is left wondering, What Happened?

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