Bill O'Reilly Back at Fox News โ€“ for One Night Only?

Tuesday evening saw the return of Bill O’Reilly to Fox News – for the first time since the channel’s #1 host was ousted five months earlier. It wasn’t exactly triumphant, but it may have come close. The occasion was a prominent guest spot broadcast live from Fox News studios on Sixth Avenue in New York City on Sean Hannity’s 9 P.M. E.T. program. O’Reilly has been laying relatively low since he was forced out of his job at Fox News last April 19, the result of a boycott of his show’s advertisers arising from rekindled published claims of sexual harassment courtesy of the New York Times. In addition to spending his summer days at the beach, O’Reilly has been doing a daily podcast of political commentary at his Website and he has recently promised an expansion of his site’s paid premium offerings. He has appeared weekly on Glenn Beck’s radio program and twice in the past week on Sean Hannity’s radio show, and given a...(Read Full Article)