Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself

I think that the Sermon on the Mount applies to the vast majority of Republican Party officialdom right now.

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?  It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”

The Republican Party once was the party of conservatives.  It still is the only place any conservative can be elected in today’s political world.  So far.  Unfortunately, the party of Reagan has disappeared.  Trump did not make them disappear, but his improbable run, and win, has revealed who the party really is.

And it ain’t pretty.

It’s been apparent for a while that they are the stupid party.  But I never thought they were this stupid.

It’s been apparent for a long time they had Stockholm Syndrome.  Captured by the left, they have been cowed into being spineless mushes afraid to be called names.  But I never thought it was this bad.

It’s been apparent for a while this is a party interested in taking a back seat, as long as they get money, perks, and some kind of fame.  But I never thought it was this corrupt.

Something has gone very wrong since Trump ascended.  And it’s not him. He’s virtually the only one trying to do the right things.  At this point, it’s clear we have a combination of sick factions in the GOP, and none of them give a damn about the party’s voters, none of them give a damn about the principles they claim to have stood for in the past years, and none of them have a clue about what they are doing.

What has this party done since Trump saved their bacon, keeping them in the majority, saving them from becoming a worthless second fiddle to a corrupt Hillary?  Nothing.  Just nothing.  And now worse than nothing.  I am not the first to say this, but let’s be clear, the GOP has become a party of spineless wimps and frauds.  They have betrayed half of America, betrayed the base that once supported them so well, and also betrayed their country.

They have been watching fecklessly as the left is destroying the agenda they were sent to put into place.  They have been sitting on their hands while the left has been destroying their own party’s president, not only doing nothing, but often actively helping the left in their attempts to take him down.

They allowed this nonsense of Russia!Russia!Russia! to fester, knowing it was nonsense (and yes, it’s provable that they all knew).   None of them stepped up to the plate to tell the left, the media, the public and the world that it was an asinine construct that had no evidence and simply wasn’t true.

Instead of actively coming against this pack of lies, they sat on their hands and let the dumbest narrative ever pressed into American politics fester into something almost half of the country psychotically believes.  They also sat on their hands as the left attacked Trump, his cabinet, and his family about anything and everything.  They watched like sheep as the agenda we voted has been neutered, all the while they, the GOP, were doing nothing, nothing at all.

It’s been a deadly mix of laziness, Stockholm Syndrome, and spineless, unprincipled crap.  Add to that a few more ingredients:  money grubbing from donors (who did not want what their voters wanted), along with the simple faithless actions of a lot of them.  They were hoping against hope that their friends the #NeverTrumps would finally prevail and be able to say they told us so.  Add the renewed iciness of their own base toward their party, and………

You have mixed a toxic drink that could virtually leave the GOP in shambles.

No, most of them don’t know it, they are simply too stupid, spineless, dishonest and money grubbing to understand just how awful they look to their own voters.  They lost the election of 2006 and 2008 for similar reasons, the base simply checked out and stayed home.  Even back then, the bad GOP wasn’t this bad.

At this point, there are only a few ways this can go.  The voters that got excited about Trump and his America First agenda might stay home.  They might try to get rid of party leaders (liars all), taking many of them out through primaries and other party arrangements.  One more possibility:  you could have a wave of resolved anger sweep through the center right voting base.  If it comes to that, the cold civil war could become pretty dang hot.  Whichever way it goes, the GOP will never be the same.

You think I’m advocating violence?   Not at all.  Sorry Charlie, that’s what the Neville Chamberlain Republicans did by signing a peace treaty with the left.  Peace in their time.  Oops, that didn’t end peacefully the first time? 

Good grief, the GOP has sat on its hands as the Republic we once knew has descended into mob rule; the things we believed in have been mocked, derided, and called every name in the book.  They virtually looked the other way as one of their own congressmen got shot.   They have given us the equivalent of Jeb Bush for legislators.   The majorities that we voted in are a bunch of mealy mouthed, clueless fools who spent all their money as did Jeb to get three delegates. 

GOP:  You promised us an immediate repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and after nine months of absurdities, you not only failed, but you did nothing to discipline those who made it fail.  Paul Ryan is still speaker, McConnell majority leader, the senators who prevented this promise from being enacted were turncoats and received no consequences from their leadership.

Other than ratify some good judges, nothing else has been done by Congress.

The GOP watched the left, through their toady media shills, and their fractured foolishness, take down everything we voted for.

Now the GOP is clucking about a ginned-up narrative concerning Charlottesville. They’re now blaming Trump for telling the truth:  that the violence of the Antifa, and the leftist groups is just as bad as the Nazi skin heads, and just as unforgiveable.   They’re kowtowing like cowards to things that never happened and to made up narratives.  They’re running away because they can’t stand to be called racist.  They’re watching as history is being rewritten, and they’re allowing their base to be tarred as racists, bigots, and Nazis.  Trust me, that will not go well.

 It’s never been this bad, because the GOP has never been this bad.  And we now know because Trump inadvertently shined the light of truth on who they really are.  The election of Trump revealed the party of frauds.   It was never his intention, but that’s what has happened.  They have been undressed before the whole world.  They have no clothes.

 What is a nation who has been lied to by both parties supposed to do?  What is the base of the GOP going to do?

 I don’t know, but I do know I’ve never seen the center right base so disgusted and angry at its own.  GOP:  Trust me, the base hasn’t left Trump, but it has left you.  It’s not official yet, but the avalanche is about to begin.  The anger is going to boil over.   Upon you.    GOP: you’re not going to like it, but you have no one to blame but yourselves.

 To the very small list of conservatives that fought the good fight:  I apologize.  But to the rest:  You have become like the salt in the parable.  Good for nothing.             

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