The Plot Thickens: Conservative Host Eric Bolling is Suspended by Fox News

One-by-one, key players at Fox News are being taken out by allegations that remain untested in any judicial proceedings. On Friday evening August 4 at 8:23 PM, an article was published at HuffPost: “Fox News Host Sent Unsolicited Lewd Text Messages To Colleagues, Sources Say.” The article had obviously been in preparation for some time, since it included a statement from Bolling’s attorney defending his client. The host is Eric Bolling, 54, a friend of President Donald Trump, and a defender of the president in his role as a prominent anchor and co-host on the Fox News channel (FNC). Friday night, after seeing the HuffPost article, which was also mass distributed by Yahoo News, FNC executives, according to a Fox News spokesperson, decided that Bolling’s weekly half hour Saturday morning FNC show Cashin’ In, that had already been pre-recorded as usual on Friday, would not be shown. A live news broadcast was substituted instead. On Saturday, an FNC...(Read Full Article)