The Democrats Wanted Charlottesville

If the media and progressives were honest with themselves and the public, they would admit that the left has wanted a “Charlottesville” for a long time. It was the perfect opportunity to battle “alt-right” white-supremacist-Nazis while furnishing a powerful optic to conflate racism with conservatism. It also aptly fits the meme that all conservatives, by dint of disagreeing with the tenets of liberalism, are in essence, racists as well.

In his latest response to the riots, President Trump tried to separate the term “alt-right” from the Nazis and white supremacists present at the Unite the Right rally.

Leftists, liberals, Democrats, progressives, and the media (it’s all the same) wanted these riots -- and in keeping with their longstanding efforts to control the national conversation, they want the Nazis and white supremacists labeled as “alt-right.” Some conservatives have no problem with this.

David French wrote the National Review, “When Trump carves [the alt-right] away from the Nazis and distinguishes them from the neo-Confederates, he’s doing exactly what they want. He’s making them respectable. He’s making them different.”

I disagree; as I said, part of this entire exercise is the left’s attempt to define the conversation. It is all about labels -- that’s how leftists became liberals became progressives in the first place. They want every description of Nazis and white supremacists to include the descriptor, “alt-right” because then anyone who defines himself as a man of the right can more easily be transformed into a Nazi for the benefit of the less informed.

The riots were not about a statue and it was not about the alt-right. Antifa (an umbrella term for different nominally “anti-fascist” groups) has been itching for a real fight for a long time. It was only fun attacking Trump supporters for so long (as they did in Seattle over the weekend), and their exposure in the press has been diminishing. What’s the point of rioting if you can’t get your group on CNN? Sure, you can’t let your identity be known because of potential criminal charges but the mask takes care of that. Then, you can tell your friends for years that you were there that day battling white oppression and fascism. You were Antifa! You were Black Lives Matter!

Trump was right; while the racism of white supremacists is a scourge on the morality of man, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are no better; they are merely acceptable progressive racism. Americans are being sold a lie. Charlottesville was a deliberate plan by the left to provoke a confrontation of such scale that all of America would notice and opinion would again break their way. It’s wrong, yes, but since progressives are on the side of all that is right and just, no depravity or moral turpitude is unacceptable in attaining their goals, which are simple -- universal liberal governance.

Why do you think Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, held back the many hundreds of State Police troopers and National Guardsmen that were on site? Why do you think Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer, another Democrat, ordered the more than 300 police officers on hand to stand down?

ProPublica reported:

“State police and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters. ProPublica reporter A.C. Thompson was on the scene and reports that the authorities turned the streets of the city over to groups of militiamen armed with assault rifles.”

The police did little to stop the bloodshed. Several times, a group of assault-rifle-toting militia members from New York State, wearing body armor and desert camo, played a more active role in breaking up fights.”

In other words, despite a large and well-equipped police and trooper presence, law enforcement was ordered to do nothing and the only people who made any effort to stop the rioting were a band of armed members from New York State attending the Unite the Right rally. Some Antifa were also armed but did nothing to halt confrontations. It would have been counterproductive.

Is it the governor and mayor’s contention that the more than 1,000 well-armed first responders wouldn’t have been able to control what went on in the streets of Charlottesville? I have a hard time believing that. Everyone knows that if you want to stop a riot you need to separate the two sides. As former head of both the District of Columbia and Philadelphia police departments Charles Ramsey said, opposing sides at a protest “need to be in sight and sound of each other but [the police have] to be in between,” and not watching from the sidelines.

Why do you think that at noon, police were ordered to shut down the rally, methodically pushing white supremacists and Nazis out of the park and onto the streets into the waiting arms of leftist counterdemonstrators? Could it be the progressives wanted the riots? Could it be they wanted the overreaction from the Nazis and white supremacists, since they couldn’t get from the police in Ferguson and in Baltimore? Once you understand the riot was the goal, the reason why Democrat politicians held back the police and then used them to push the two sides together becomes clear. The riots weren’t happening fast enough, nor were they bloody enough, and our progressive leaders wanted to make the evening news.                                        

Why aren’t the questions asked here the ones the media are asking? Is it that the media is no longer independent or impartial and are now nothing more than progressive activists, as are Democrats like Signer and McAuliffe?

Mayor Signer vowed, “I’m not going to make any bones about it. I place the blame for a lot of what you’re seeing in America today right at the doorstep of the White House and the people around the president.”

And if he had to order his police to stand down and let the rioting proceed unabated in order for others to see this, then he has no qualms about having done so.

They knew that Antifa and BLM activists, as always, would get a pass. The media and the Democrats are the same and BLM and Antifa are now nothing more than arms of the Democratic Party.

If people don’t agree with progressive nostrums or support all the leftist “pay attention to me,” BS organizations, then they are racists like the alt-right racists in Charlottesville and need to be silenced. Their voice is violence and violence of thought must be met with violence of deed.

The left believes that if anyone thinks or speaks wrongly (as defined by them) then they have the right to break his face to silence not only his voice but also his thoughts. The blood spilled is not nearly as hurtful as unsanctioned thought.

This is not a new thing with the left. They have always been violent but in America, they were tolerated because in this nation, everyone has always been entitled to their own opinion and for the most part the violence was always perpetrated on the fringes. Indeed, violent leftists were always outliers in the broader yet still narrow movement of Democrat ultraliberalism.

With the ascension of Barack Obama, that all changed. He moved the Democrats hard left, incorporating what were once fringe notions into mainstream Democratic thoughts and beliefs. The Democrats ceased to be a party and became a movement, and as a movement, they needed to “fix” America.

To progressives, if riots are what it takes to fix America and blood has to be spilled, then so be it.

Democrats wanted these riots and the blood spilled is on their hands.

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