The Black Church and the Democratic Party: Unholy Alliance or Doublethink?

Something interesting happened to me the other day.  The doorbell rang, and I thought it was a delivery I was expecting, but who was there but two elegant black ladies standing at my front door?  I knew right away why they were there, as I could see they were both holding Bibles.  And I occasionally see black Americans walking up and down my street going door to door.  I live in a Cleveland neighborhood that's about evenly split between whites and blacks (I being part of the 50% who are white).  At first, it sounded a little like a self-help pitch about how to deal with living in an overworked and over-stressed world.  But then one of the two women read a short passage from one of the letters to the Corinthians, although I don't recall which one, putting into biblical terms what they had just explained to me.  They didn't take much of my time and handed me a pamphlet to read, thanked me, and said they...(Read Full Article)