Star chamber justice condemns Eric Bolling of Fox News without a trial

A system of sorts has been perfected to destroy the most effective conservative spokesmen on the Fox News Channel, and it operated with stunning efficiency over the last few days.  A marginal writer with a documented background as a high level political operative and fundraiser in left wing Democrat politics published an unsourced article at a far left Web site, HuffPost (formerly the Huffington Post). The article claimed that multiple anonymous sources supposedly confirmed to the writer that “several years ago” prominent Fox News channel (FNC) host and anchor Eric Bolling – who happens to be a strong supporter of President Donald Trump – texted a graphic, lewd photo of male genitalia to two or three of his FNC female colleagues. Eric Bolling on The Five No one is quoted in the article – anonymously or otherwise. Apparently, the allegations were news to Bolling’s employer. Bolling’s attorney, when given short notice that the...(Read Full Article)