Russian Collusion in Democrat Inner Circle?

There has been enthusiastic collusion by the leadership of the Democratic Party with the Russian disinformation campaign to destroy President Donald Trump.  (See "A Brief History of 'Fake News'" on AT.)  The Democrat willingness to collude with Russia to overturn our democratically elected president is unprecedented.  There is the infamous case of Ted Kennedy approaching the Kremlin to help Democrats defeat Reagan, but never before has collusion with our enemies by a non-communist party been sustained and widespread. What has changed?  We are reaping the results of a multi-decade effort by the communist and socialist left.  Leftists have finally dominated and transformed the Democratic Party – into something vicious and dangerous to our republic.  Obama openly boasted that radicalized and mostly non-white Millennials will soon give leftists a permanent majority.  Our Constitution and two-party system were to be thrown in...(Read Full Article)