Pathetic Democrats

Republicans in Congress look pretty pathetic to many Americans, but even more pathetic is the Democratic Party, which is nothing these days but an anti-Trump circus.   This is a direct consequence of victimology run wild, geographic myopia, and the utter sterility of modern leftism. 

Consider the "leaders" of the Democratic Party in the last election cycle.  Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing of consequence her entire life, won the nomination based on the fact that she was an insider and an old, angry woman.  Moreover, Hillary has clearly committed a number of crimes related to her private email server and deleted files.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat floor leader in the House of Representatives, routinely makes egregious mistakes like referring to President Trump as President Bush.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, once head of the DNC, now faces legal problems because she hired foreign nationals who also were criminals to handle her computer security.

Lois Lerner at the IRS was an equally obnoxious and stupid woman who included in her communication with subordinates the sort of nasty and bigoted comments about conservatives that would have led to serious criminal investigations if Washington were an honest place with objective people.  Loretta Lynch was just as hapless, just as bigoted, and just as silly as Lerner.  Both were examples of Democrats promoting leftist women far beyond their ability and their ethics to posts of power.

If the Democrat obsession with female victimology was not enough, the Pathetic Democrats seem unable to look beyond those narrow strips of America of the Beltway and the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions of California.  While there are some areas of America that are genuinely "purple" in the red-blue division, even in these areas, there are popular Republican governors (Susana Martinez, for example), Republican legislatures (Minnesota, for example), and states that defied leftist expectations and voted for Trump (Michigan and Pennsylvania, for example.)

One might think a minority party at every level of state and federal offices might want to reach out to the majority of Americans in Flyover Country, who control the political destiny of America.  Instead, Democrats watch blankly while a Democratic governor in West Virginia changes parties, placing Senator Joseph Manchin III slowly twisting in the wind. 

Democrats seem to have forgotten that aside from Obama, the last four Democratic Party presidents came from Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, and Missouri – places smack-dab in the middle of Flyover Country – and that these presidents, despite their many failures in other areas, were able to speak the language of ordinary hardworking Americans.

It is unthinkable that any of those four presidents would have ever described one quarter of America as "deplorable" or snipe at a San Francisco party that there are Americans "bitterly clinging to their guns and religion."  Democrats do not know even how to begin to speak to those Americans whose votes control the Electoral College, the Senate, and the House. 

Democrats also have virtually nothing substantive to say to America.  No one wants to hear the whining of notionally oppressed groups, and no one, except those already hardcore Democrats, wants to hear incessantly about imagined crimes by Trump.  Everyone also sees that the policies of the last fifty years, which is the legacy of the left even when implemented by Republicans, is a vast failure in every way.  Democrats who wanted to regain power would begin to dissect the cadaver of leftism to find out why it failed so badly.  This, though, would require free and bright minds, and the Democrats have neither.  Can anyone name a single new idea Democrats have produced in the last decade or a single genuine critique of some area of leftism?  The left and the Democratic Party, which is its host in American politics, are utterly sterile.

There is not much reason to give plaudits to the Republican Party, except that it is not the Democratic Party, and it can produce original minds and independent politicians.  It is destined to be the new majority party in America for a generation or more – less by merit and more by default.  Democrats give Americans outside the tiny slivers of land the left wholly infests any reason to vote for them at all.