Hamas Turning Over a New Leaf?

On August 30, 2017 U.N. secretary-general António Guterres visited the Gaza Strip and expressed the need for humanitarian aid to the area.  He did not point out that about three quarters of the Gaza population is dependent on international aid and that UNRWA classifies that proportion of that population as "refugees" 70 years after Arab armies invaded the newly created State of Israel and caused the refugee problem. Appropriately, Guterres met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to urge resumption of peace talks, but it is meaningful that he did not meet with officials of the Hamas organization in Gaza.  He must have been aware of the difficulty of the resumption for at least two reasons.  One is that he was aware of the unending belligerence of Hamas after his visit to a tunnel it had dug into Israel.  Hamas has been using humanitarian aid to build the tunnels it regards as a strategic weapon for fighting and defeating Israel, to...(Read Full Article)