Donald Trump: God's Man

An Old Testament prophet said, "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land[.]"  That's part of a Bible verse from Ezekiel – chapter 22, verse 30 – and the gist of what Ezekiel said is that God went looking for a man to stand in the gap to stop sin's encroachment.  It was 600 B.C. or so that God judged His people. 

Fast-forward some 2,600 years to the days of William F. Buckley.  Mr. Buckley said something similar to Ezekiel's words when Buckley defined a conservative as "someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop."  Buckley's quote is on point.  Not since Ronald Reagan has a U.S. president said something like that and meant it.  There is another whose words echo Buckley's, but let's digress a bit before we concern ourselves with him.

It was August of 1968, and I remember it as though it were yesterday, as I watched the televised riots in Chicago outside the meeting of the Democrat National Convention.  If I remember right, hardly anyone was arrested.  The rioters, barbarians all, were at the door.  Usually, when barbarians come, somebody bars the door, but not this time.

Why did party leaders treat the rioters so mildly?  Perhaps they wanted new blood to energize a tired old party.  If that was their purpose, they got what they wanted, but they got something else, too.  This new blood with all its new energy supplanted the old order, and today that "new blood," or its protégés, runs the DNC.  Naturally, in order to look presentable, the barbarians took baths, put on clean clothes, and combed their hair.  It was a façade, a change in appearance only.  The barbarians refused to grow up, and they haven't grown up since; nevertheless, along with the DNC, they have infested academia, the press, and Hollywood.  The result is that today, the DNC has a stranglehold on the good old U.S. of A.  

You could pick another date for the beginning of this current fiasco, and you could be right, but back in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, I saw the hatred that consumed these people.  They hated America, they hated the Constitution and the Declaration, and they hated the Stars and Stripes.  It was evident.  I'm sure others saw it, too.  However, these hate-filled people were able to keep their hatred masked, as they blamed conservatives for the things of which they themselves were guilty.

I thank God that America got a short reprieve beginning in the '80s, when Ronald Reagan assumed office.  He stood in the gap athwart history and yelled, "Stop!"  He was successful for the time he was in office.  However, his veep, who would be the next president, couldn't or wouldn't take a strong stand, so Clinton came.  He almost exposed DNC hatred, but he couldn't because the time wasn't right yet.  Then there was George Walker Bush, a man well liked, a good man, even, but he had no one to stand with him, and he refused to stand for himself.  Consequently, we got Barack Obama, and "ol' Barry" truly pulled the mask off the DNC.  Their hatred was exposed.

I've been writing as if things happen because of man's deeds.  To a great extent, they do, but understand that God rules in the heart of man, and God will allow man to go only so far.  Then God will set up whom He wills and take down whom He wills. 

It was God who put Barack Obama in office.  I believe God did that in order to wake His people.  As always, God was successful.  God woke His people, and they prayed, and the prayers of the saints put Donald Trump in office.  I believe that, and I believe that the prayers of the saints will keep Donald Trump in office.  Conversely, I believe that the prayers of the saints will bring down the regressives, thus helping President Trump drain the swamp. 

I said that God went looking for a man to stand in the gap against sin.  Further, and perhaps with Ezekiel's verse in mind, Mr. Buckley defined a conservative as "one who stands athwart history yelling Stop." 

Since the late '60s, I've been looking for a man in D.C. who would stand for me.  Ronald Reagan did that, and the politicos hated him, as did the barbarians, as well as the RINOs.  (By the way, though I voted for President Trump and hope to vote for him again, I left the Republican Party, and I won't return until certain RINO's are gone: McCain, Graham, Ryan, McConnell, Sasse, Snow, Murkowski, Alexander, et al.) 

Having said all I've said, let me say this.  Donald Trump stands for me, and he stands for my wife.  He stands for us against all those regressives who say, "You can't question my patriotism," and I say to them, "Why not?"  Your regressive deeds speak louder than your "progressive" words, and when you stand against Donald Trump, you stand in the way of America's greatness.  You also stand against me.

I don't know if Mr. Trump is Christian, but I know that God used a pagan king named Cyrus to bless His people some 2,500 years ago.  That same God still sits on the throne of the universe.  Whether Mr. Trump is Christian or not, I know not, but I know that God can and will use Donald Trump to bless His people today.  He already has, and he will do so again.  I would hate to stand against God's man.

Now, let's hear the conclusion of the matter.  I looked for a man to stand in the gap for me, and I found him in Donald Trump!

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