CNN: From Fake News to Fudging Ratings?

CNN has reacted very badly to the political rise of President Trump, promulgating fake news and presenting an echo chamber of negative commentary.  Now, the struggling news channel appears to be trying to manipulate the ratings. Even if it’s not the originator of the Fake News model that now largely defines the MSM, CNN has certainly perfected it. This past week, the situation seemed to rise to a shocking new level with the CNN programs that followed President Trump’s prime time address to the nation on Afghanistan on Monday and his 80 minute speech Tuesday night to a campaign-style rally in Phoenix. On Tuesday, for example, CNN host Don Lemon followed Trump’s speech with a live appearance by the channel’s new contributor James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence in the Obama Administration. Putting it rather politely in an article on Wednesday, CNN said that Clapper: . . . questioned President Donald Trump's fitness for office....(Read Full Article)