Big Plans on the Hard Left for November 4

One thing overlooked in the uproar over Charlottesville is that this was, evidently, merely a dress rehearsal for a much larger-scale effort planned for this Autumn.  Activist groups on the left evidently have something big in store for November 4th. The idea seems to be a revival of the 1971 “Days of Rage” – an effort to shut down the country as a whole to force a change in government.

Thanks to one of many political mailing lists that AT finds itself on, we received an email last Sunday from the “Stop Mass Incarceration Network,” a little-known left-wing agitation group, one of many single-issue offshoots (contrary to general belief, the left carries out most of its activities through these small, mostly under-the-radar outfits. The mechanism for this was outlined in Scott Powell’s classic study, Covert Cadre).

Following a number of paragraphs of chest-beating concerning the Charlottesville confrontation, the message, which was sent out over the name of an activist claiming to be named Carl Dix, goes on to declare this:

…we must build off of this resistance to act to end the nightmare of this fascist regime by taking to the streets on November 4th and staying in the streets to drive this regime from power. is holding regional conferences to organize for doing this. Get connected to these regional conferences and get organized for November 4th…

…And we need to go from resistance to mobilizing to end the nightmare of the Trump/Pence regime. Right now these fascists, from Trump on down, are moving very quickly to hammer into place their fascist regime and this must be STOPPED. The organization Refuse Fascism has called for people to come into the streets and public squares and cities and towns across the country beginning on November 4 and stay in the streets day after day and night after night until the DEMAND is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO! For this to happen, everybody needs to be at August 19 regional conferences to organize and mobilize for this.

A brief check of various links reveals a number of Facebook pages

put up by similar small organizations all announcing their participation in the November 4th uprising.

There little else to be found on these pages, apart from some choice lefty sloganeering. Presumably they’ll begin to fill up with plans and information following the August 19th meeting mentioned above. (And don’t ask why Zuckerberg isn’t doing something about this – there’s no point.)

Among other things, this serves to get President Trump off the hook concerning his comments about the threat coming from “many sides.” He was dead right, and now there’s no denying it.

If all this were aimed only at “White Supremacists,” I’d say go to it – that would be a battle in which both sides should lose, and one well worth seeing. But of course, it isn’t. It’s aimed at anyone who disagrees with the hard left, specifically Donald Trump and his administration, and beyond that, average everyday Americans who have no direct involvement in politics at all, in the tradition of the left going back to the Paris Commune of 1870 (“Why must I be shot -- I know nothing of politics,” an innocent bourgeois cried. “That is why you must be shot,” a communard answered.)

It’s very likely nothing will come of this, that it’s just another left-wing wish-fulfillment pantomime of a type carried out by leftists every year – if not every six months – since the 60s.

Another factor involved here concerns the simple fact that once the resistance turns serious and the rioters start dying, the revolutionary army tends to evaporate rather quickly, as occurred during the last mass revolutionary spasm in the spring of 1970. After Kent and Jackson state – four and nine fatalities, respectively, in both cases triggered by leftist actions -- it became a little difficult to scrape up a convincing People’s Liberation Army. In short order, the hard core turned to bombings and bank robberies, along the lines of the SLA and the Weathermen. But it may take a larger effusion of blood to get the same effect today, whether we like it or not.  

After the political failure of Obama, the collapse of Hillary, the cannibalism visited on Bernie and his followers, it’s apparent that the American left is a spent force, and this kind of political kabuki is all that remains for them.

Clearly, the left has failed in the U.S., as they have everywhere else. Their plans have proved empty, their carefully structured systems have ossified to the point of paralysis, their pleas and promises are mere repetitions of rhetoric that was old in the 1930s. They have nothing to offer except violence, hatred, and eventual extinction. But they can still do a lot of damage as they go down the chute, keeping in mind that their descent may involve a process lasting decades.

They seem to be aware of this, and eager to carry out as much havoc as is humanly possible. This is very likely the plan for November 4th.

Unless something changes, we can look forward, at the very least, to mobs in the streets, assaults by black-clad masked goons, shops destroyed, cars overturned and set ablaze, everything that we’ve seen recently in Berkeley, Ferguson, and Baltimore. Supported as it is by the media, academic, and entertainment spheres, and with the people supposedly “in power” showing no awareness that any of the sort is happening (can anyone picture Ryan or McConnell actually responding to this?), it will continue until an end is put to it – very likely by a jaw-dropping episode of violence.

So circle November 4th on your calendars. On the date, avoid college campuses, federal buildings, and similar sites. Make necessary appointments for some other date. Pay attention to the news to assure that you won’t be inadvertently driving into a madhouse. Avoid wild conspiracy theories and rumors – they don’t help anyone but the agitators. Above all don’t panic.  Fear God, dread naught, and keep your powder dry.

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