A Lesson from Cambridge University: 'All White People Are Racist'

A black student at Cambridge University has just said that “all white people are racist”. (This was in response to Saturday's riots in Dalston, east London.) His name is Jason Osamede Okundaye. He's also the President of the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the University. Okundaye wrote: The other fantastically ironic thing is that he also claimed that “middle-class white people” have “colonised” Dalston. In full: Of course, if white people had claimed that Dalston was formerly colonised by black people, they'd have been classed as racist by anti-racists. Though since blacks can't be racist (they don't “have the power”), then this statement can't be racist either. Nothing a black person says or does can be racist. This is according to the standards of the many and various anti-racist theorists and academics who exist today; some of whom will teach at Okundaye's Cambridge...(Read Full Article)