Wonder Woman: A Conservative and (Demi-) Religious View of the Human Race

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead. Director of Wonder Woman Cathy Jenkins has said that she doesn’t think of herself as a female film maker or Wonder Woman as a female film.  And while there’s a lot in this film for women to like, Jenkins has used the superhero genre to give us a meditation on mankind at its worst but also at its best.  On the one hand, this is the story of a sheltered young woman’s coming of age, but this coming-of-age narrative is set within the context of a meditation on whether there’s enough good in “mankind” to make it worth saving or even fighting for.  And this is the decision the demi-goddess Wonder Woman has to make near the end of the film. As the film opens we see a photo of earth and hear the voice of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman in street clothes) saying that once she wanted to save the world but had “learned the hard way a long, long time ago” that that was not so simple.  We see her...(Read Full Article)